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How to lubricate a sewing machine: work execution rules

The sewing machine is the main workertool of the needlewoman. Choose the equipment you need carefully so that it has all the necessary functions. The device should be comfortable in operation. In order for the machine to last a long time, it is necessary to regularly perform its maintenance: cleaning, lubrication, adjustment. Thanks to these procedures, high-quality work of technology is ensured.

how to lubricate a sewing machine

It is necessary to know how to lubricate a sewing machine,Because this affects the level of operation of the equipment. After the procedure, all the parts function more easily. With the help of lubrication mechanisms are protected from rapid wear. Processing the machine with oil reduces noise.

Why do I need lubricant?

The sewing machine is a complex device,Since many mechanisms interact with sewing. If the cleaning and lubrication are not carried out for a long period of time, then creaking, noise, breakage of threads appears. Grease is needed for:

  • long service life;
  • performance of quality stitches;
  • easier operation;
  • less noisy work;
  • easy setup.

grease the sewing machine

Grease old machines must be performed every threemonth, and for new ones, one procedure will be enough in six months - it all depends on the intensity of the work. If the equipment is used continuously, it will be noticeable when oil is required.

What is required for work?

How to lubricate the sewing machine? Before proceeding to the procedure, you should prepare everything you need to work. You will need:

  1. Machine oil. It is sold in a hardware store. Enough will be 100 g of funds.
  2. Medical syringe. It is convenient for this tool to do the work, since it will be possible to process even hard-to-reach places.
  3. A brush. It is used to remove dust and filaments.
  4. Screwdriver. The tool allows you to unscrew some parts for lubrication time.
  5. Napkin. Required to eliminate excess fluid.
  6. Film. It will protect the floor from contamination.

Such a set of devices is required for performance of high-quality work.

Preparing for lubrication

In preparation for the procedure, each garment needsthe machine. Lubricate it with oil only after removing dust, because during sewing, a lot of nap is collected. Equipment should be regularly cleaned and wiped. It is desirable to use a cotton cloth and a brush.

how to lubricate a sewing machine janome

It is necessary to remove dust from front and hoseparts of the device, as well as under the platform. All unnecessary to remove from the lubricating holes. The outer side must be wiped with hygroscopic cotton wool treated with petrolatum oil and alcohol. If the equipment is not in use, it must be covered with a cover or cap. These were the preparatory procedures. Next, let's talk about how to lubricate a sewing machine with oil.

Which oil to choose?

When the preparation is completed, you can proceedprocessing the device with oil. All unnecessary to remove the flap. What kind of oil to lubricate the sewing machine? For this, a special colorless liquid is used. But vaseline oil will do. During use, the product should not spoil clothing.

Do not use vegetable oil orkerosene. The first agent dries quickly, which causes the crusts to form on the parts, which causes heavy equipment. The machine must be disassembled, washed, cleaned, and this is not easy to perform. Simultaneously, kerosene promotes the formation of rust and complicates cleaning.

Lubrication procedure

How to lubricate a sewing machine so that itworked for a very long time? It is necessary to use an oil can, which should be stored so that the liquid is clean. For each area of ​​friction, 3 drops of oil should be added daily. If the equipment has not worked for a long time, then first you need to check whether cleaning is required.

how to lubricate a sewing machine brother

Be sure to process the drivemechanism, if any. For this, there are special lubrication holes. If the drive is foot, then you need to lubricate the end supports of the crankshaft of the wheel, the axes of the pedal, as well as the areas of their connection with the drawbar and the drawbar with the crankshaft.

In the electrified equipment of Kharkov andTula plants lubrication areas are painted in red. To process the mechanisms in the tubing, you need to remove the top cover. For the machining of the parts under the platform, the machine is put to one side, and then the bottom cover is opened. Also in the equipment there is a metal box or crankcase with engine oil, which must be changed every year.

Lubrication machine Janome

Each equipment has a special structure. Therefore, the principles of lubrication may differ. Prolonged use of devices requires prevention. Oil must be processed at least the main parts. How to lubricate the sewing machine Janome? You should carefully read the instructions, as well as review the drawings on the rules of work. Oil to the equipment is already in the right container. First you need to remove the plastic case. For this, simply unscrew the screws. Already inside you will see oil holes, as well as rubbing parts.

Lubrication of Brother machine

The equipment of this brand also has instructions. How to lubricate a Brother sewing machine? The processing of metal assemblies with friction is required. There will be enough 1 or 2 drops of the remedy. It is applied to rotating assemblies, after removing the lower cover.

how to lubricate a sewing machine with oil

The oil should be poured into the syringe, and then appliedsmall drops. This will allow the technician to function quieter and easier. After work, the equipment must be wiped with a soft cloth. Then it can be used without using threads and a bobbin with the presser foot raised. When threads are threaded, you can check the quality of the stitch on an unnecessary shred. And then the machine will be suitable for further comfortable work.

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