/ How to install an air conditioner yourself?

How to install the air conditioner with your own hands?

How to make an air conditioner with your own handsfixed, durable? Of course, it is necessary to properly install it, because according to statistics, most outlets of these devices are damaged due to faulty installation, neglect of the rules for installing equipment. But with the condition that all the requirements are met, the air conditioner, installed by its own hands, can last for decades.

So, immediately it is worth noting that in comparison withother types of installation of household appliances (hoods, gas stoves, plumbing), it is quite difficult to install climate technology. If, when installing the above equipment, only the ability to connect hoses is sufficient, many factors are taken into account when installing it. If you still decided to install the air conditioner yourself, we will dwell on the main points of its installation.

The device itself consists of two parts - one,which will stand in the house, and the one that will go out. Properly mounted air conditioner with your own hands will work like a clock. It is best to buy appliances of well-known firms - they serve for many years. Otherwise, you can run into manufacturers-fly-by-night, who make poor-quality products. When choosing it is also necessary to take into account the power of the air conditioner, it is usually indicated in the model. On a room of twenty square meters you can take the seventh, thirty square meters, the ninth, and the forty-twelfth. It is also worth considering the place where the device will be installed - it's definitely not recommended to place it where the person most often sits - opposite the desk, the sofa. In this case, a persistent runny nose will be provided. If the air conditioner is located far from the outdoor system, then you will have to pay extra money for laying the trunk.

Now about the tool and supplies: You will need a copper tube of the necessary diameters, a hose, a heater, dowels and brackets. The tool is as follows: perforators (large and small), vacuum pump, set of keys, drill.

Air conditioning is hung at ten centimeters fromceiling on the wall so that it does not clog up dust and normally take the air. The same amount of retreat from the curtains, otherwise when working the device will constantly "drive" them in all directions. In this case, it is better to use the level so that the condensate flows smoothly and does not flow. Further, a hole with a small bias is made by the drill to avoid the formation of an air cork. After that, we measure how much a copper pipe is needed and cut it with a special pipe cutter. Inside, it must be perfectly clean without dust, debris, chips, etc. On the inside, we connect a trunk, a pipe and electricity.

Install the air conditioning with your own hands inside is simple, but now - work from the outside. Insurance is necessary here. The territory, above which they work, must be fenced in accordance with safety rules.

To begin with, the brackets are installed. They are fastened so that the block does not go beyond the windowsill, so the height of the outdoor unit is measured in advance and is laid down from the window sill. After the brackets are attached, we put the block itself. All work should be done carefully and without haste. The copper pipe at the end is expanded by rolling, then there is a connection and vacuuming. To do this, connect the pump and air conditioner with a hose, connect a pressure gauge, and follow the arrow. We close the entrance to the manometer and disconnect the pump.

Now the tube - first opens a thin feeder. Then the suction opens (thicker tube). The Freon pressure is fixed and the power is supplied. Set the settings and start. Air conditioning should work for about fifteen minutes. If everything is normal, then the process can be considered complete. The conditioner is installed by its own hands, which is an invariable subject of pride of any owner.

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