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How to peel a leather jacket and remove stains from it

The clothes we wear have a propertyto get dirty. In this there is nothing surprising and unnatural. But not always we have the opportunity and desire to apply for dry cleaning, and the question of how to clean a leather jacket, for example, still arises. Leather products have their own specific properties that you need to know in order to properly care for them. Surface water penetration, temperature changes, mechanical impact and exposure to organic solvents - all this can spoil the appearance of the thing.

If the product has been exposed to water, beforethan to think about how to clean a leather jacket, you need to think about how to dry it properly. First of all, from the pockets of a wet thing you need to remove everything that is there, because the product can stretch under the weight of foreign objects. Then, the jacket should be wiped dry and with a soft cloth and hang until completely dry on the hangers at the widest possible distance from the heating devices - their effect can lead to loss of skin luster and elasticity. Among other things, before cleaning it is desirable to keep the jacket in the room at room temperature and medium humidity.

Next, on how to clean a leather jacket. As a rule, regular cleaning and gentle care is enough to keep the thing long presentable. Everyday cleaning from dust and dirt must be done regularly. Usually, a damp cloth is used for this. But if the pollution is not removed in such a simple way, and especially if the task is to clean a light leather jacket, you can moisten a cloth or sponge in soapy water. After handling the product with a damp cloth, wipe it with a dry paper towel. When cleaning it is important not to overdo it so as not to stretch the material and not damage its color. Sometimes, despite the possible damage caused by water, you need to wash the product, for which you can use a neutral detergent and a brush. But it is extremely undesirable to do this. After cleaning, it is desirable to iron the jacket with an iron at a low temperature through a layer of fabric.

It happens that on the surface of the skin appearstains. They must be handled separately before cleaning the entire product. It all depends on the origin of the stain. Oil stains can be effectively removed with gasoline or white spirit. Perchlorethylene is perfect for stains from engine oil. Well, if the skin appeared stains, set with ink ballpoint pen, it is best to treat them with a mixture of acetic acid and alcohol. By the way, quite often in leather lovers, the question arises as to clean the collar of a leather jacket. The answer is simple: the collar can be treated with cotton wool soaked in gasoline. This method perfectly helps to cope with the problem, which often occurs at the end of each season.

Besides worrying about how to clean the leatherjacket, you must also not forget about the regular care of the product. To ensure that the product does not lose its attractive appearance, it is necessary to regularly treat its surface with glycerin with a soft cloth. If you do not forget to do this, there will be no creases or scuffs on the skin, because it needs not only to be cleaned of dirt, but also to ensure that its surface is always greased with a certain amount of fat. In addition to glycerin, you can use special skin care products, which, most likely, you will be offered in the store when buying the product. In addition, it is not harmful to periodically wipe the surface of the product with a fresh cut of the orange peel.

Correct and regular care for a leather jacket is necessary, because only in this case it will last a long time and even after a few years the socks will keep a fresh and neat appearance.

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