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Planting a tomato in the open ground and a greenhouse. Tips for truck farmers

Get a decent harvest of tomatoes quitereally. To do this, you need to grow strong seedlings and properly plant it in the ground. And, of course, it is necessary to take care of the plants throughout the summer. The answer to the question of how to properly plant a tomato in an open ground or a greenhouse is in the article.

There is nothing difficult in the care of tomatoes, most importantly,observe several important rules. For example, for the prevention of late blight and brown spots right before planting, the plants are sprayed with copper sulfate (5 g per 3 liters of water).

planting a tomato in the open ground

Planting a tomato in the open ground. Scheme

Planted tomatoes usually in rows.

  • For stunted varieties: between rows leave from 40 to 50 cm, between tomatoes - 30-35 cm.
  • For tall trees: between rows - up to 130 cm, in a row - from 70 to 90 cm.

Planting a tomato in the open ground: watering and top dressing

If after planting in the ground bushes grow well,then tomatoes can not be fed. Only after the first fruits are brewed, potassium fertilizers are introduced into the soil, and the plants are sprinkled with a solution of trace elements. In the first half of the summer, tomatoes are poured once every 10 days, and during the growth of fruits - twice a week. The main thing is that the soil is moist at the root level and dry in the upper layer. For irrigation take only warm, settled water.

Planting a tomato in the open ground and forming bushes

correct planting of tomatoes
Low-growth varieties of tomatoes are rarely formed. Usually by the middle of July their growth is suspended, and all the fruits are ripening. But in a cool and rainy summer, extra brushes and ovaries need to be removed. Early and early varieties form in 1-3 stems. In large fruited leaves only one stem with 4-6 brushes. Over the last of these must be at least three leaves. All the extra stepchildren are removed once a week. At the same time, they are gently wrenched and not cut out. Near the end of the vegetation remove all the new inflorescences. At the same time, the large shoots on which they grew are left to not weaken the plant. If the bushes do not form completely, then by autumn you can get a large number of stems and leaves, but not fruits.

Growing of tomatoes in the closed ground

The seedlings are planted in the greenhouse in early May. It should be sufficiently well ventilated and illuminated by the sun throughout the day. Races are placed along long walls. The height of the ridges is from 35 to 45 cm, and the width from 60-90 cm.

scheme of planting tomatoes in a greenhouse

The scheme of planting tomatoes in a greenhouse. Care of plants

Tall grades are arranged in a row, betweenbushes leaving from 35 to 50 cm. Low plants can be planted at a distance of 30 to 40 centimeters. When the bushes grow a little, they tie them to the trellis. Form tomatoes in one stem, leaving on each no more than 5-7 brushes. Stephens are removed in the morning, when they easily break off. In warm weather, the flowering shrubs are gently shaken to make the flowers pollinate. The air in the greenhouse must be dry. With excess nitrogen and water, plants form a vegetative mass to the detriment of flowering. In this case, watering is reduced, and tomatoes are fed with phosphorus fertilizers.

Of course, this is not all the rules of plantingtomatoes. But compliance with even these few techniques will help you to get an excellent harvest, even in adverse weather conditions. And the correct planting of tomatoes will help to easily take care of plants and collect fruits.

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