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Flange - what is it? Manufacturing, device, types of flanges

A flange is a hardware part. Its purpose is to connect pipes, gaskets or similar hollow metal structures of cylindrical shape. In order to firmly and reliably connect the two items, you need to additionally use soft pads. Soft materials are used for their manufacture. And the question: "Flange - what is this detail?" - it can be answered that this is a hardware (short for "metal product"), which creates a good seal at the junctions of the cylindrical elements.

flange what is it


Standard flanges in appearance resemblemetal ring, on which are located special holes for the studs or bolts. On some types of these elements may be protrusions, depressions, thorns, grooves.

Flange manufacture

Different brands are used for manufacturingsteel: 13HFA, 20 / 09G2S, 12H18N10T, 15H5M and others. In addition, they can be steel and stainless. The technology is used different. Manufacturers use forging, stamping, casting. For each method, special equipment and molds are used. Producing their products, manufacturers carefully check it for quality. Applying special tests in their work, OTK employees check them for strength and reliability. Flanges are also tested for moisture resistance. What it is? Since they relate to fasteners and are involved in joining metal parts that can come into contact with water, it is important that they are not susceptible to corrosion. That is why waterproof metal alloys are used. Often manufacturers cover the surface of the flanges with an additional protective layer.

flanges what is it

Types of flanges

So, the flange - what is it? This, first of all, hardware. Depending on the application, these parts can be flat, collar, free. The design is not much different. On the collar flanges there is a small protrusion resembling a cone. Often it is called a collar. This type of flange is used when it is necessary to weld parts in butt. This protrusion helps to tightly connect the connecting parts between the pipelines. Also, they are necessary when pipelines are brought to tanks or other technical equipment. The main advantage of such flanges is that they can be used several times. Made of hardware from durable materials, and this allows them to be used in work where the temperature ranges from -253 to +600 degrees Celsius.

free flange what is it

Flat flange - what is it? This is a hardware that resembles a flat disk with holes. It is used when it is necessary to connect parts of reinforcement, shafts, vessels, pipelines, instruments and the like. With this element, it is possible to secure the parts of the pipes tightly.

A loose flange - what is it? This species is not much different from the above. It consists of two parts: from a conventional flange and a ring. It is important that they are made of the same material and have the same diameter and pressure. They are used where the work is most difficult, where it is difficult to perform the installation. Due to the two parts the connection will be dense and durable. First, a common flange (it is welded) is connected, and the other ring can then be rotated during operation.

Other classification

For some types of work special types are madeelements. A special flange - what is it? These are the same hardware, but in order to make some of the work convenient, their design is slightly modified. They can also be welded, loose, cast, threaded. Only on them are cut grooves or welded protrusions. For their production, special drawings and molds are first developed. Such hardware is made by order of enterprises.

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