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Variety Viking (grapes): description, cultivation, reviews

In our time,number of different types of garden plants. Very popular is the Viking grape variety. He deserved a lot of praise and positive feedback from those people who are already familiar with these delicious fruits. In this article we will talk about how to grow Viking (grapes), how to care for it, get acquainted with the description of the plant and learn how to respond about the variety of connoisseurs of grapes. The information is useful to those who decided to plant a bush of grapes on their site, but has not yet decided on the choice.

Grapes Viking: description

Viking is a table-hybrid form of grapes, it belongs to very early varieties. The ripening period of berries is 100-105 days, shoots in the process of growing also fully mature quite early.

viking grapes

The plant is distinguished by strong, strong branches, a flower - of two sexes. Grape clusters in the shape of a cone, beautiful and large.

The berries are dark blue, medium-friable, with a size of 22x 34 mm. Brushes can reach a weight of 500-900 grams. The taste is wonderful, the flesh is dense and at the same time very juicy. Fruits can persist on the vine for a very long time, it happens that until the very end of September. During transportation, the product is preserved, berries can withstand transportation for long distances.

The leaves are large, five-lobed with an open petiolate notch.

Viking (grapes) is characterized by good frost resistance, can withstand temperatures up to 21 degrees below zero.

Cultivation and care

Viking is great for growing in the country. Picking up a place for a new "inhabitant" of the garden, you need to stop the choice in the southern or south-western areas with soft soil, which is easily warmed up. It is inadmissible to plant a vineyard in swampy places and clay soils. The ideal place for the plant will be that which is protected from cold winds and where the snow melts quickly in the spring.

grape variety viking

Before planting the seedlings, you need to pay attention to where the groundwaters pass. If the water is close to the surface, then you need to fill the ground with a meter and a half.

Variety of grapes Viking does not need anyspecial care, but there are some rules. The plant does not like abundant watering, especially for this you need to follow, starting from the end of July. It is necessary to introduce fertilizers, in time to loosen the soil and cut off stepsons.

Young bushes after the end of winter should not beimmediately open, as they have not yet gained strength and may suffer from even minor frosts. If you follow all the recommendations for care, then the harvest of delicious grapes will be provided.

Planting of seedlings

Viking (grapes) is able to bear fruit onFor many years, if you plant the bushes in the right way. The distance between the seedlings should be 1-1.25 meters, this distance can not be changed for more or less. The roots and shoots on the planting material are inspected before planting so that there is no damage.

grapes viking reviews

Suitable material is cut into 2-3 buds andplace the top of the shoots in paraffin, garden var or wax. In the pit for planting, pour the humus. Before the very placement in the prepared pit, the roots are dipped into a special mixture. Prepare it from mixed to a consistency of sour cream clay, water and peregrevshego Mullein. After that, the grapes are lowered into a pit, covered with soil and thoroughly compact the ground around the plant. After this, watering with warm water is necessary.

After planting the vine bushes, you need to remove excess sprouts in time, leaving only 2-3 shoots.

Viking Viking: reviews

To learn more about the positive qualities of this plant, let us turn to the generalized reviews of experienced gardeners:

grapes viking description

  • Viking (grapes) justifies its excellentreputation: already with the first harvest gives 6 large brushes of juicy berries. The variety ideally suits the category of "market". By the beginning of August, the fruits are completely ripening and go on sale.
  • The berries are very beautiful, they are not prone to extinguishing, taste qualities are at the highest level.
  • Viking grape varieties have a crispy, good balance of acidity and sugar content. Feel the notes of prunes, ripe cherries and grapes;
  • Pollination is excellent. It has been fruitful for many years.

Bad about this wonderful grapes are not answered by any person, he deserves such praises and is able to take far not the last place in the list of the best early varieties.

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