/ / Hermetic "Izhora BP-G35" - properties, application features

Hermetic "Izhora BP-G35" - properties, application features

Hermetic "Izhora BP-G35" is abituminous binder. The composition is supplemented with polymer additives and plasticizers, which facilitate the rapid solidification of the material and the acquisition of a sufficient level of strength to counteract significant mechanical stresses.

Frozen means is strong,minimum shrinkage, high level of elasticity. These advantages make the sealant "Izhora" a highly effective tool in the hands of any master, if necessary, high-quality, rapid sealing of seams on a variety of surfaces.


gland sealant
Polymeric-bitumen seam insulation is designed forsealing of deformed sections of highways, asphalt concrete pavements of airfield sites, arrangement of bridge structures, sealing of drainage system sections.

Application of material for the implementation of the abovetasks seems to be the most rational solution of all available options, since the solidified substance has the highest resistance to wear over a wide range of temperatures. The hermetic "Izhora BP-G35" shows itself well in operation under conditions of intensive exposure to aggressive environmental factors. The material has excellent adhesion to metal, cement-concrete and stone coatings.


Physico-mechanical characteristics

The means for hermetic sealing of joints is characterized by the following indicators:

  • The softening point is of the order of 90 aboutFROM.
  • Preservation of elasticity at a temperature not lower than -35 aboutFROM.
  • Endurance - about 30 000 cycles.
  • Absorption of moisture 0.2%.

Hermetic "Izhora" - consumption

sealant and orifice
One of the main things for masters when usingthe material becomes the question of what amount of material is required for qualitative sealing of cracks, damage to coatings. As practice shows, the average consumption of sealant when filling joints with a depth of about 40 mm and a width of 20 mm is not more than 0.8-1.0 kg per running meter.

Material preparation

Before proceeding directly to the worksto seal cracks and seams, the material is cleaned from polyethylene and cardboard packaging. The solid mass is divided into several parts. Further, the Izhora BP-G35 sealant is placed in the boiler, where it is heated to an operating temperature of about 190 aboutFROM.

Course of work

herder sealant
Hermetic "Izhora BP-G35" is applied as follows:

  1. To begin with, the foundation is prepared,cleaning of seams against contamination, rust, scale, peeling, other debris is carried out. In the presence of moisture, the treated surfaces are blown through with air and dried.
  2. The primer is applied to the prepared substrate (bituminous primer).
  3. The Izhora BP-G35 sealant, which has been warmed to operating temperature, is poured into damaged areas with a specialized syringe.
  4. The joints are filled with a hot substance just above the upper edges, counting on shrinkage during cooling.
  5. Moving on surfaces covered withsealant is allowed after it has completely cooled down to ambient temperature. Only in this case it is possible to avoid lagging of the substance and sticking to the shoes, wheels of vehicles.

Often the consequence of the use of sealant is the formation of resistant spills. Coping with the removal of the latter allows the surface treatment with hot metal scrapers.

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