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When to plant cucumbers to get a good harvest

Among other vegetable crops, this green vegetable is by no means a rarity. It is grown and consumed in many countries around the world. All the year round he does not leave the shops and markets.

When to plant cucumbers
Cucumbers can be grown continuously: in summer in conditions of open ground, and in winter in heated greenhouses. Use this vegetable culture most often in fresh form. Also from cucumbers prepare winter preparations. Excellent pickles have pickled and pickled cucumbers. Green vegetable enjoys great popularity among the population. As part of the ingredients of many salads, you can meet fresh or pickled cucumbers.

When to plant cucumbers in the open ground

When to plant cucumbers

Since this vegetable culture is sufficientheat-loving, the time of its cultivation in the open ground falls on the summer period. Planting cucumbers in the middle band can begin in late spring, when the soil warms up well. Usually this is the second half of May.

Preparatory work before planting

Cucumbers - vegetable culture, demandinglight, moisture and soil fertility. For successful cultivation, the site intended for planting is prepared from autumn. It is dug and fertilized. To prevent diseases of future planting of vegetable culture, the soil is treated with copper sulfate, superphosphate and ash are introduced. In spring, by overcoming such a site, you can safely sow prepared seeds.

Which seeds of cucumbers are suitable for sowing

When to plant cucumbers

Do not sow fresh seeds that werecollected last year. The best seeds of cucumbers - collected a few years ago. Such seed will necessarily give excellent strong shoots, which will please the abundant harvest.

How to prepare seeds for sowing

Selected seeds can simply be sown withoutpreliminary treatment in the ground. But in order to get amicable shoots, they should be better prepared. For this purpose, warming up the seeds and soaking are suitable. Before processing, seeds are picked, small and damaged are discarded - they are unsuitable for sowing. Warm the seeds in water, having a temperature of forty degrees, for two hours. Next they are soaked for several days. During this time they peck. There are small sprouts. In this form, the seeds are sown in moist soil.

When to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse

When to plant cucumbers

In a stationary heated greenhouse, thisThe heat-loving plant is grown all year round. Good light and watering are required during cultivation. After the emergence of plant shoots, the soil is constantly loosened and the necessary fertilizing is introduced. Otrosshie whips tie up vertically. Care of plants is a constant watering, fertilizing and treatment of pests and diseases.

Growing cucumber seedlings

In order to accelerate the harvest, you canadvance seedlings in advance. It is grown in heated greenhouses or at home. In small pots sow two seeds. Plants easily tolerate transplantation and get well.

The best seeds of cucumbers
How to Plant Seedlings

Plant the plants under the film shelter at the endApril. Also, for this purpose, the spring greenhouses are suitable. Grown in pots, seedlings are planted, without damaging the root system, into moist soil. Correctly planted plants do not get sick and quickly take root. When to plant cucumbers under film shelter, prompt weather conditions. If the temperature in the end of April is plus, but there is a threat of frost on the soil, planting seedlings should be delayed. But also to delay with planting should not be, since overgrown plants do not take root well. Experienced growers can always determine when to plant cucumbers.

How to choose plant varieties correctly

Picking up varieties of cucumbers, you should carefullyto study the description attached to the seeds. In heated greenhouses, you can only grow self-pollinated, and for outdoor conditions it is better to choose bee polluted varieties. Also, you should pay attention to the destination of the selected vegetable culture. So, they distinguish salad and salted varieties of cucumbers.

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