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Ceramic tiles "Laguna" - create your mood

If you want to dive every day in a wonderfulthe world of the ocean, where you can meet dolphins and octopuses, sea horses and jellyfishes, waterfowl turtles and brightly colored fish, all you need is the ceramic tile "Laguna".

Tile Lagoon
"Uralkeramika" - the famous Russian manufacturer of tiles and sanitary ware - offers a special collection designed to decorate a bathroom in a marine style.

Getting into the room with a tile finish"Lagoon", as if you find yourself in the depths of the ocean among the bizarre marine creatures and plants. The whole collection is made in various shades of the color of the sea wave.

Ceramic tile lagoon
Wall tiles "Lagoon" is presented in three different in depth tones: from light blue to saturated turquoise. The floor has two color solutions, which allows you to create an effect of different depths.

Plots made with tiles allowSee how the seawater poured, when the rays of the sun fell on it, how smoothly the dolphins glide or how gracefully they jump out of the water. There is an opportunity to collect a panel with a pirate sailing ship caught in a storm. Mysterious underwater world looks surprisingly realistic and dynamic, and all this thanks to a skillfully printed drawing.

Tile of the lagoon of uralkeramik
All the deep inhabitants and fancy algae -as real. To create a complete picture is designed tiles with hovering seagulls and waves that beat against the shore. The wall tile "Laguna" is represented by the size 24.9x36.3 cm, the floor is traditionally square and has dimensions of 30.4x30.4.

The collection includes not only ceramic tiles,but also decoration decorations, vertical and horizontal, which greatly expands the possibilities for creating a composition. Borders with the image of air light bubbles or fragments of sea horses, shells and stars are offered. In addition, there are five types of decors-inserts. This allows you to create a panel consisting of several tiles.

The "Laguna" tile makes it possible toOnly a home bathroom, but also a pool or sauna room. It is believed that this environment is most relaxing and contributes to a better rest. In a room reminiscent of the ocean shore or underwater kingdom, it is especially good to be on a dank rainy day: you can instantly get yourself an uplifting mood.

For the production of tiles modernItalian equipment and high-quality dyes. Ceramic tiles "Lagoon" incredibly fast and easy to fit, easily cut and firmly held, so the work turns into a pleasure.

The collection "Laguna" allows you to createharmonious pictures of a living and the most realistic underwater world, to fully convey his mood and mysterious beauty. Thanks to fantasy, you can get unique solutions and implement any design idea.

The tile invariably enjoys high demand, despite the rather high price. This only shows that consumers choose harmony and quality, which fully justify the costs.

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