/ / The scheme of planting cucumbers in a greenhouse, in a greenhouse, in the ground and trellis. How to plant cucumbers?

The scheme of planting cucumbers in a greenhouse, in a greenhouse, in the ground and trellis. How to plant cucumbers?

Cucumbers - vegetable culture of the family Pumpkin,which is popular all over the world. You can get a year-round conveyor of fresh products. This vegetable culture is cultivated in the open field, stationary and film greenhouses, hotbeds and even on the window at home. The formation of the bush and the cucumber planting scheme will depend on the chosen growing method.

Cultivation of cucumbers

Before starting to grow plants, you shouldto study their basic characteristics and the necessary conditions for cultivation. A thermophilic vegetable culture for normal development and fruiting will require a sufficient amount of moisture, light. Important is the fertility and composition of the soil. There are a lot of varieties and hybrids of cucumbers. Salted or salad, bee-dusted or self-pollinated species have different maturation periods.

Cucumbers in the vegetable patch

Cucumber planting scheme

Growing in the open field is a way notrequiring additional costs. It is necessary to take care of the fertility of the soil from autumn. In the spring, the plot is leveled, the soil is loosened and enriched with microelements. Do not forget about the crop rotation. The best precursors for cucumbers will be such vegetable crops as onions, cabbage, pepper, tomato, potatoes and peas. Seed sowing begins at a ground temperature of twelve to fifteen degrees Celsius.

How to plant cucumbers in the open ground?

For sowing, use dry or preliminarilyprocessed seeds. Seed material is subjected to heat treatment, etched and soaked in solutions of microelements. Sow it in a two-way tape. The scheme of planting cucumbers depends on the selected variety and composition of the soil.

Cucumber planting scheme
Depth of planting is as follows:

  • light soils - four to five centimeters;
  • loam - three to four centimeters.

Row intervals for varieties of different maturation periods are:

  • early maturing - sixty-seventy centimeters;
  • medium and late - seventy-ninety centimeters.

Hybrids of cucumbers provide a larger area, extending the aisles to a meter. Also it is possible to apply tape double-sided rows. The scheme for planting cucumbers is the following:

  • the distance between the bands is ninety centimeters;
  • between rows - forty centimeters.

In the open ground, planting can be done in seedlings.

How to plant cucumber correctly
Pre-grown plants must have two or three real leaves by the time they land. The scheme for planting cucumbers is the same as for sowing seeds.

Trellis way of cultivation

Cucumbers are whimsical plants. They are prone to diseases that significantly reduce the period of fruiting and the quality of the vegetable culture. To increase productivity, you can use the trellis way of growing. Scourge plants will be located vertically. The scheme for planting cucumbers on the trellis is as follows:

  • between rows - one and a half meters;
  • short-flecked varieties: between the holes in the row - fifteen to twenty centimeters;
  • length varieties: between the holes in the row - twenty-five to thirty centimeters.

In the center of the ridge, pillars are supported. Their sufficient height is up to two meters. The number of supports is chosen arbitrarily. At the same time they are installed throughout the ridge. Between the bars pull three levels of wire at a height:

  • the first is fifteen centimeters;
  • the second one is one meter;
  • the third is two meters.

A plastic mesh is attached to the wire, the width of the cells is fifteen to twenty centimeters.

The scheme of planting cucumbers on a trellis
Scourge cucumber on the trellis will feel great. With this method of cultivation, they are less susceptible to diseases, the fruit-bearing period is prolonged. Improves the quality of vegetable products.

How to grow an early crop of cucumbers?

Thermophilic plants are distinguished by certainterms of disembarkation. For cucumbers, they are determined by the temperature of the soil and the environment. Using greenhouses will speed up the receipt of early vegetable products.

Preparation of the closed ground begins in March. Pre-prepared manure is laid in the greenhouse. Its layer should be no less than forty-five centimeters. To warm the ridge earned, it is covered with frames and mats. Three days later, manure is added. The soil layer is laid on it. Make watering with warm water. After the temperature of the soil in the greenhouse reaches twenty-five degrees, cucumbers are planted in it.

The scheme of planting cucumbers in a greenhouse
The scheme of planting cucumbers in a greenhouse shouldto ensure the full development of plants. In conditions of closed ground, self-pollinated varieties are used. Plants are planted in pairs in the middle of the greenhouse. The number of plants depends on the size of the frame. Usually planted from three to five plants. After this, the frames are covered with mats for several days.

Film greenhouses

You can get early products, not onlyusing greenhouse frames. A good harvest will please cucumbers grown in film greenhouses. This method will require certain costs for constructing the construction of the closed ground. However, getting early products is worth it.

In film greenhouses use seeds of cucumbersearly-ripening self-pollinated varieties and hybrids. The soil is prepared from autumn. For the favorable development of cucumbers, it must be fertile and loose. To do this, organic fertilizers are introduced. To prevent diseases, measures are taken to disinfect the soil.

In the spring, before the preparation of high ridges,mineral fertilizer. Such a method of growing under the conditions of a film greenhouse will improve the drainage properties of the soil. Plants will be strong and resistant to diseases.

To accelerate the receipt of early products in greenhouses, cucumbers are planted pre-grown in the home seedling.

Cucumbers in the greenhouse planting scheme
This event falls on the second decade of Marchor the beginning of April. In the phase of four real leaflets, potted seedlings are ready for planting. Thus the soil should warm up to fifteen degrees Celsius. Three to four plants per square meter - with such density, two-row ribbons, plant cucumbers in a greenhouse.
Cucumbers in the greenhouse planting scheme
The landing scheme is the following:

  • the distance between the tapes is one hundred centimeters;
  • aisle in ribbons - fifty centimeters;
  • between the holes in a row - fifty centimeters.

Cucumbers are grown in a vertical or trellised way.

Care for cucumbers when growing

On the plot you can use differentways of cultivation of vegetable culture. Quite often combine a greenhouse or a greenhouse method and a variant of an open ground. At the same time, the care of the plant is identical, regardless of how to grow cucumbers. The beds require constant loosening and removal of weeds. Plants need a lot of moisture, which is replenished with regular watering. Active growth, normal development and excellent yield of the harvest are ensured by regular application of fertilizers.

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