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Modern electric arc welding

Modern technology of electric arc weldingimplies the control of the burner or the electrode itself, the manipulation of various devices, the established welding regime, as well as the operating mode, which affects the quality of the seam connection. However, the influence is exerted by a significantly greater number of factors, such as the quality and composition of the electrodes and other welding materials used, the state of surface treatment and the preliminary preparation of materials.

Arc welding

Welding seams can be made in differentspatial positions, to be of a variety of sizes and shapes. Conditional classification includes lower, ceiling, vertical and horizontal seam positions.

Arc welding with metalelectrodes with a specialized coating is one of the most modern methods that are used for the production of welded structures in industrial plants. This type of welding allows you to perform all the required jobs in a mobile, simple and in a fairly short time. Hard-to-reach places are no longer a problem - manual electric arc welding allows you to connect the required parts.

However, like any other method of joining,this type has some drawbacks. The most important of them is the low productivity of the process being performed and the direct dependence of the quality of the seam on the skill and skill of the welding specialist.

Arc welding technology

Electric arc welding at the time of its appearancewas carried out using electrodes made of various metals coated with a thin ionizing layer. This increased the stability and reliability of the arc discharge. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the suture joint were low. Modern manufacturers do not use similar technologies and try to increase the productivity of welding processes.

Limited application found 2 ways: welding with a thickened electrode and joining the parts with a three-phase arc discharge. However, both of them have more disadvantages than advantages, among them the fast fatigue of the welder, increased mass-dimensions and low productivity.

The next method is arc welding in the bath. The melting of metals is effected by two factors: heat from the electric arc and heat generated by the superheated liquid metal in the bath. Welding starts from the bottom, while the lower edges of the welded parts are melted. Until the very end of the process, the metal in the bath must remain in the molten state. In this case, the weld fusion occurs at a level that is slightly higher than the surface of the welded products. Increased productivity is achieved through the use of electrodes, which are covered with iron-containing powder.

Manual arc welding
Arc welding with great depthFusion of parts increases productivity due to a significant amount of penetration of the part by current. For this purpose, special electrodes are used, which can withstand all expected loads. Welding occurs at current values ​​close to the maximum. The penetration value is controlled by the angle of inclination of the electrode, as well as the speed of its movement relative to the part.

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