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Autonomous sewerage: septic with own hands

What is a septic tank? Simply put, this is an improved cesspool, although this is not entirely true. The watered pit for drains, made of concrete rings, old tires, brick, without a bottom, with a pillow of sand and rubble for filtration - it's still not a septic tank, although many call it that way. Important: a septic tank for a dacha or a country house with a similar or similar construction does not meet sanitary requirements and is not allowed for use. Unfortunately, the natural filtration system is not enough, and there is always the danger of getting drains into groundwater or nearby water bodies. If you approach the issue more strictly, the septic tank is part of an autonomous sewage system. Autonomous sewage is an expensive pleasure, so sometimes a septic tank is made by hand. This allows you to save up to 50% of total costs.

what is a septic tank

Classification of septic tanks

  • Sealed capacity: The drains are simply poured into it, and then pumped out and taken out with the help of a sewage machine. The advantages of such a system are simplicity and accessibility. Disadvantages - it is suitable only for a cottage, which is visited from time to time.
  • Single two-chamber septic tank. Principle of operation: solid waste is deposited in one chamber, which ensures a 60-65% purification of effluent from the second chamber, the effluents merge into the filter well.
  • Block of septic tanks with multi-stage cleaning system. Solid waste can be decomposed both naturally and with the help of special biological preparations.

septic tank
Tanks for drains can be either underground or terrestrial. The latter are used if the groundwater is close to the surface.

How to make a septic tank with your own hands

You can build a septic tank from concrete rings, andeven from old tires, but this design needs good waterproofing. Some people prefer to cast the concrete rings themselves in the pit, layer by layer. Such a septic tank will cost inexpensively, but the construction will take a long time, so the capacity is best to buy the finished one, plastic or iron. And the one and the other option has a number of drawbacks: iron in the ground will rust, and a light plastic barrel will gradually "float" to the surface.

However, we recommend still buyingplastic container, in order to build a septic tank with your own hands: the polymers do not rot and do not decompose, which means that the barrel will last a very long time. The cost of plastic capacity of 30 thousand rubles. Below are the stages of installation of an autonomous sewage system with a single-chamber septic tank.

Stages of construction

  • septic tank
    Excavation. It is necessary to dig a hole with even edges. The distance to the house is not less than 4-5 meters, to the outlets - not less than 1 meter. However, it is not worthwhile to dig too far from the buildings - it will be necessary to increase the sewerage pipes, which will lead to an increase in the cost of construction.
  • Leveling the bottom of the pit: a layer of sand or screed made of concrete.
  • Installing the container.
  • Making the protective layer from deformation: lay the walls of the excavation with brick or pour concrete.
  • Pipeline laying. The main condition: it must pass with a slight slope, below the freezing level of the ground or be insulated.
  • Connecting the pipeline to the septic tank.
  • End of earthworks.

These are the main stages that need to be adhered to,in order to build a septic tank with your own hands. Partially treated effluents should be sent for soil post-treatment, or in artificially created filtration fields or a filtering well.

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