/ How does pomelo grow? Where does pomelo grow? How to grow pomelo at home

How grows pomelo? Where does pomelo grow? How to grow pomelo at home

Not so long ago on the shelves of our stores andsupermarkets appeared an exotic fruit called pomelo. This giant is a relative of a mandarin, a lemon and an orange, familiar from childhood. It has a pleasant taste, a gentle refreshing aroma and an original appearance. Many fans of this fruit are interested in the growth of pomelo and whether it can be grown in a pot, as is done with other citrus fruits. Let's try to figure this out.

A little entertaining story

About fruit with thick skin and sweet fleshknew even in ancient China. But few people could enjoy his taste, but only the ruler, his family and the supreme nobility. From the Celestial Empire, the plant spread throughout Asia, and then fell into Europe. But in the Old World, it did not take root, which can not be said of the West Indies, where pomelo enjoyed immense popularity. Today exotic plantations can be seen in Thailand, Japan, China, Sri Lanka.

how growing pomelo

So, where the pomel grows, determined. Now we will describe the plant as a whole. Popular fruits that can reach impressive sizes grow on evergreen trees. It is worth noting that their height can reach fifteen meters, in addition, the tree bears fruit every year. Within five to seven months on strong branches ripen fruits of round or pear-shaped form. Most often there is a pomelo weighing 1-2 kg, but it can grow to 10 kg (if given, of course). A mature fetus may have a light green or yellow color and a thick rind. The flesh consists of fibers of a yellow, orange or reddish hue, encased in a hard, inedible film.

Value for gourmet

Besides the excellent taste, pomelo has a lot ofadvantages. Its rich composition is of value to the human body. Regardless of where the pomelo grows in your store, it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium - this is not a complete list of useful elements of the fruit. And it contains a large number of proteins, useful carbohydrates, dry nutrients, fats and fiber, which have a positive effect on the state of physical health. Essential oils suppress viruses, and also contribute to the fight against depression. In a word, a fan of this giant will feel healthy and energetic. And the fruit is very useful for expectant mothers during pregnancy.

where pomelo grows

Who should not eat this exotic?

Where and how grows pomelo? Such a question can arise from a person who saw in the store a fruit of enormous size. Learning about the beneficial properties of the fruit, he immediately wants to try it. But you have to be careful. Like most citrus fruits, pomelo can cause allergies. It can be taken to diabetics only after consulting a doctor and determining the daily intake rate. All the rest can safely enjoy the taste of this beautiful gift of nature.

how growing pomelo

On guard of health and harmony

Another remarkable property of pomelo isLipolytic enzyme, which is contained in it in large quantities. This substance cleaves deferred fat and promotes weight loss. It also prevents the accumulation of new stocks, helping those themselves to reduce weight. Therefore, all people who are not indifferent to their figure should learn how to grow pomelo, and try to grow it yourself.

Fruit can be taken with mono-dietsduration of not more than three days, during the days of unloading. Its glycemic index is 30 units, so it is ideal for eating Montignac. Calorie content of the fetus is only 28-37 kilocalories per 100 g (the sweeter, the higher it is). He also has fresh juices of pomelo.

Pomelo as the photo grows

How growing pomelo: stages

People want to grow it want to growa wonder-tree at home. What conditions it is necessary for him to create in order to please himself soon with a fragrant and sweet fruit? Pomelo at home grow quite easily, with a minimum of effort and maximum love. This is a very beautiful plant that will decorate any interior.

So, to start with in the store we buy ripe andsweet fruit. Delicious flesh with an appetite is eaten, but we save the bones. We put them in a saucer, cover with a damp cloth or cotton wool, leave for two or three days in the sun. Then the seeds are planted in a prepared pot and put in a well-lit and warm place.

pomelo fruit is growing

Seedlings should appear within three monthsafter you planted pomelo (fruit). As a tree grows, it is very interesting to observe. The plant appears strong, strong and healthy. First we see a small emerald sprout (or sprouts, if you planted a few bones), then the leaves are lengthened, the trunk is formed. The tree needs an annual transplant, pruning, humidity at the level of 56-58%. Fruit plant will not soon. Somewhere for ten to fifteen years it is necessary to wait for the appearance of the first white flower, and behind it a ripe fruit.

Cooking pot and soil

We have already talked about how to plant a pomelo, howgrowing. The photo of a handsome man, raised at home, should inspire you to such an act. But there are also some nuances concerning the preparation of soil for him and the pot itself.

pomelo at home

The pot can be made of any material: plastic, clay, wood. But a prerequisite is the presence of a drainage hole on the bottom. At the bottom of the vessel should put the shard and fill it with a drainage layer of expanded clay or sand (no more than 3 centimeters). You can also make a layer of dry manure, which will serve as a natural make-up for pomelo. Next, we lay the soil substrate and gently lower the plant. The root neck of the tree should be flush with the top edge of the vessel.

For plant transplantation a new pot is prepared in such a waythe same way. But the vessel itself, especially if it was not previously used, should be held in warm water for several hours. Wash the old container thoroughly with running water. An important nuance: when transshipping a new vessel should be larger in size than the old one by about four to six centimeters.

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