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Gloksinia: growing from seeds and from a tuber

The plant gloksiniya - a semi-shrub familygesnerievyh. Tropical America is the birthplace of this perennial flower. Sometimes you can find beautiful specimens of gloxinia in Mexico or Brazil. Cultivation from seeds occurs if in room conditions, it is probably a flower of the genus syningia, related to this family.

gloxinia growing from seeds

A very fascinating occupation is reproductiongloxinia. Cultivation from the seeds does not hinder even inexperienced gardeners. But in this case, the most important thing is the implementation of certain rules. The most important condition is the observance of the temperature regime. 20-25 ° is the temperature at which the wisteria seeds have good germination. That this plant bloomed in the same season, it is necessary to sow the seeds in January or February. And since at that time there is not enough heat, additional light will be needed with fluorescent lamps. But this stage can be postponed until April, if you do not have such coverage.

At home, special care will be required forgloxinia. Cultivation from seeds is possible only on loose and light soil. You can use river sand and peat-humic tablets. Soil must be impregnated thoroughly with potassium permanganate. It is better to place a drain on the bottom. Seeds should not be too deep, it is better to plant on top. Watering will require careful - best of the spray. We cover the greenhouse and place it in a bright and warm place.

gloxinia tuber cultivation

In the 2-3-leaf phase, a divegloksinii Growing out of seeds implies a plant transplant, it is recommended to do this in humic pills. The plant should be kept in a humid environment and well ventilated. The flowering and development of wisteria in such conditions is much faster than the seedlings grown in ordinary soil. Flowering begins in 4-5 months.

A variety of shapes and colors make themattractive for home floriculture. The room varieties of this plant have attractive dark green leaves and numerous velvety bells-flowers, which in diameter reach 7 cm. The most varied coloring will make the gift in the form of gloxinia bright and unforgettable. This riot of flowering can last up to 2 months.

In the flower catalogs is not very goodis a gloxinia. Cultivation from a tuber is not popular among amateur gardeners. The seed cultivation of this plant is traditional. Seeds sent by mail are more popular. Among them the most famous varieties are Brokada and Avanti.

gloksinia growing from seeds

Early flowering, large flowers, bright colors -this gloxinia. Cultivation from the seeds of the Avanti variety will give a blossoming bloom in white, pink, red, purple hues. Brokada - a compact bush with small double flowers.

Collectors distinguish one more variety - Kaiser. This plant is rather tall, up to 30 cm, flowers are non-marble. Gloxinia Kaiser Wilhelm is painted in a dark purple color with a white border, and Kaiser Frederick is a red flower with a white edging.

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