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Blum brand fittings: hinges, their importance in the design of modern furniture

The system of furniture loops from the company "Blum"It is intended for reliable fastening and connection of doors with the case, for example in kitchen cabinets. Thanks to a wide assortment, you can choose from a series of accessories of the brand "Blum" loops with any angle of opening the door or the facade of furniture.

Bloom of the loop

Blum: Technologies

The leading Australian company Blum has alreadynot one year is engaged in the development and design of furniture systems and fittings, which in the future will replace all the fastening mechanisms and can become a futuristic future.

The company is engaged in the production and supply to the market of Europe and America of such products:

  • Lifting mechanisms for the upper kitchen cabinets;
  • sliding systems for boxes;
  • guide systems for kitchen cabinets with drawers;
  • Modern traffic patterns for boxes and cabinets Blumotion i TIP-ON;
  • systems of loops.

On the fasteners for kitchen sets we'll talk in more detail.

Modul Blum - new generation fittings

Clip-TOP hinges, or Blumotion fastening system,- a functional hardware system, which is highly valued in the furniture industry. Classic design with reliable fastening elements of construction - a good tandem, which increases the service life of furniture.

Most recently, a new modularaccessories from the company "Blum". Loops are presented in a wide range. The fittings are used for both standard furniture designs and original parts and interior items. Great demand is enjoyed:

Furniture Bloom Loops

  • modular loops 100about a standard sample;
  • sets of fittings under false panels;
  • modular loops 95about for refrigerators.

What are the advantages of the Blum loop

Of the advantages of the fittings are:

  • simplicity and rationality of installation due to the simple design of the hinge itself;
  • the possibility of three-dimensional adjustment of the facade;
  • built-in lock against unwanted dismantling.

Fastening elements from the company Blum - is the best fittings from the Australian manufacturer, presented in the domestic market.

Blumotion System

For silent closing of the door and its denseAdherence to the body manufacturers are equipped with modern modular furniture sets with functional fittings with a special mechanism. The first exported such accessories to the markets of foreign countries is the Australian company Blum, whose hinges and sliding mechanisms are known to furniture designers and designers all over the world.

The mechanism of the modern type produced a realrevolution in the design of furniture. The blinds "Blum" with the door closer provide smooth running of the door without creaking and clapping at the moment when the facade is in contact with the end part of the structure.

Such a system ensures a smooth running of the door,cell or section thanks to a special mechanism developed by Blum. Hinges with closers - the best choice, according to the developers, and their use - mainly in the design of modern modular furniture for the kitchen.

The kitchen set, equipped with high-quality fasteners, becomes not only as functional as possible, but also reliable.

Bloom loops with closers

Features of door closer accessories

In combination with a door closer, the system providesquiet and soft doors closing. Furniture hinges "Blum" are made of high-quality materials, which guarantees a long service life of the fittings.

Blum hinges are manufactured in Australia and exported to all over the world. Warranty from the manufacturer - more than 200 thousand cycles of opening / closing, which is equal to twenty years of operation.

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