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Epoxy grout for sealing seams

The final stage of laying ceramic tilesis grouting joints. After this operation, the coating gets a complete look, differing in its aesthetics and beauty. In addition, the composition protects the seams from the ingress of various substances and further destruction of the substrate. To perform this operation, cement and epoxy grout are used.

The first way is to usecomposition based on Portland cement with the inclusion of various additional additives that impart certain properties to the solution. After processing, the seams remain smooth and even, but the mixture can only be used with a distance of no more than 3-5 mm between the tiles. The main advantage of cement grouts is their wide color range.

epoxy grout
But most often for the treatment of stitches is usedepoxy grout. This is a composition based on epoxy resins with the addition of hardener and coloring pigments. The components of the material provide seams with high density, resistance to contamination, moisture, various chemicals, various temperatures. In addition, the epoxy grout does not crack, is not susceptible to fungi, does not fade with time, is durable. All this makes it possible to use the composition in various conditions, including in rooms with high humidity. Stitches can be easily washed with water, removing all unnecessary dirt and dust. To the disadvantages of the material should be attributed a higher cost, compared with the cement grout. However, high performance properties are more than offset by all.

trowelling of ceramic tiles
Epoxy grout has a wide areaapplication. It can be used both for internal and external works, in various rooms, including unfavorable conditions (bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, etc.). With the composition can work when laying ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, agglomerate, natural stone. It can also be used as a grout for mosaic, where very fine work is needed. In this case, ceramic, glass, metal or wooden elements can be used to create colorful panels. The composition is also used on bases subject to strong deformation loads (for example, balconies, terraces, heated floors, etc.).

mosaic trowel
Epoxy grout should be applied to seams,Pre-cleaned of cement and dust, and the surface must be dry. Work with the composition is best with the help of a special spatula, which ensures accuracy and high quality of work. Grouting the seams of ceramic tiles requires that the air temperature is not lower than +5 degrees. A fresh seam should be protected from rain, other deposits, dirt, dust. It is possible to clean the surface of the tile from the grout after about 4-5 hours, for this it is necessary to use a mechanical method. After the final stage, the coating is completely ready, and if the works were carried out correctly, the finish will last long and reliably, without changing the original appearance.

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