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How to make a jet engine yourself

The simplest jet engine isvalveless pulsating unit. After his invention, it became obvious that he could move the missile even in an airless space. Because of the widespread use of turbojet engines, the development of the type of propulsion system under consideration has been suspended. But many amateurs continue to be interested, to study and even independently to assemble the unit. Let's try to make a jet engine with our own hands.

jet engine

The motor of Lockeved's patent

The device can be built of any size, ifstrictly observe the necessary proportions. A jet engine, made by hand, will not have moving parts. It is able to function on any type of fuel, if an adaptation is provided for its evaporation before entering the combustion chamber. However, the start is made on gas, since this type of fuel is much more convenient than others. Construction of the structure is simple, and not too much money will go away. But we must prepare ourselves for the fact that a jet engine will work with great noise.

With his hands is installed and volatileatomizer for liquid fuel. It is placed on the end of a metal pipe through which propane enters the combustion chamber. However, if you plan to use only gas, then this device is optional. You can simply run the propane through a 4 mm diameter pipe. It is attached to the combustion chamber with a fitting of ten millimeters. Sometimes there are also different tubes for propane, kerosene and diesel fuel.

how to make a jet engine

At the start, the gas enters the combustion chamber, and whenThe first spark is starting. Cylinders can not be bought today. Convenient is, for example, having eleven kilograms of fuel. If a large flow is assumed, the reducer will not provide the required flow. Therefore, in such cases, a simple needle valve is installed. The balloon can not be emptied to the end. Then the tube does not cause a fire.

To install a spark plug, a special opening must be provided in the combustion chamber. It can be made with a lathe. The body is made of stainless steel.

Rinst's pulsating air-breathing engine: necessary details

It is not necessary to use metal pipes andOther difficult for the simple inhabitant details. If the jet engine itself is supposed to be made very small in size, the following components will be needed for its manufacture:

  • a can of glass for four hundred milliliters;
  • bank of tin from under the condensed milk, from which only the side part is required;
  • alcohol or acetone;
  • compass;
  • scissors;
  • dremel or usual awl;
  • pliers;
  • pencil;
  • paper.

jet engine for aircraft models

How to make a jet engine

In the lid of the glass jar make a hole of twelve millimeters.

To make a diffuser on paper, draw a template,using the compasses. The nearest radius is taken at 6, and the far radius by 10.5 centimeters. From the sector, which turned out, measure 6 cm. Pruning is produced on the near radius.

The template is applied to a tin can,cut out the necessary piece. From both edges, the millimeter is bent away from the resulting part. Next, make a cone and join parts of the bent edges. So get the diffuser.

Then, on its narrow half, fourholes. The same is repeated on the lid around the hole previously made. Using a wire, hang the diffuser under the opening of the cover. The distance to the top edge should be approximately 5 to 5 mm.

It remains only to pour alcohol or acetone into the jar a half centimeter from the bottom, close the jar and light alcohol with a match.

air-jet engine

Soviet literature for jet aircraft models

Miniature pulsating air-reactiveengines for aircraft models can also be manufactured independently. Some amateurs even today use the literature, written in the Soviet era, in the sixties of the last century when installing the motor structure. Despite such a considerable period of time since the publication, it continues to be relevant and can help in the development of new knowledge and practice by young designers.

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