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Rating of strollers: review of the best models

A stroller is simply an indispensable attribute in eachfamily, where a young child recently appeared. Without it, it is simply impossible to walk, when the infant is not yet able to move independently. On the characteristics of the stroller, the mood of the child and mothers depends. The main qualities that should be available for such a product are, of course, comfort, safety, ease of management. It is in view of such criteria that our rating of strollers of 2013 was compiled. Also we paid attention to the availability of places for storage and transportation of things, additional accessories and patency of models.

Rating of strollers: first place

rating of strollers
So, under number one, we have a model fromItalian company Peg-Perego under the name "Si Completo". It is especially comfortable for the baby, as well as for his parents. Very pleased with the material from which the seat is made - it does not slip, so that the child will be comfortable in any position. The kit includes a raincoat and a special cape for the legs to protect the crumb from the weather.

But for the convenience of parents the model is equippedeasily adjustable handle height. For transportation of things there is a net basket, but when the baby is in the wheelchair, access to it is somewhat limited. One more detail is the cup holder. Here you can put a bottle for the baby.

From the minuses, it can be noted that this strolleris not particularly stable due to its low weight. On the handle it is better not to hang anything heavy. Unfortunately, the pen does not move, which is also not very good. Another significant drawback for Russian weather conditions - in the winter such a stroller along our roads will not pass.

Rating of strollers: second place

rating of strollers 2013
At number 2 is the Jetem Castle model. If we were discussing only stroller for winter, their rating, it is likely, would be the head of this product. The model is equipped with a comfortable insulated place for the child and has excellent cross-country ability. Cold and wind to the kid are not terrible - the big hood reliably will hide it from a bad weather. With a warmed mattress, winter walks will become even more comfortable.

Pleases picking the stroller. In addition to the standard raincoat and cape on the legs, the manufacturer supplemented the model with a mosquito net, a tire pump and, as already mentioned, a warmed mattress.

But this wheelchair is not devoid of shortcomings. It has very large dimensions, which creates inconvenience, if you need to climb the elevator. In addition, it's hard with such a stroller to move across the curb, since the diameters of the wheel disks on the rear and front axle are different. According to users, the material of which the seat is made is rather slippery, because of what the baby is sliding down all the time, even the seat belts are unable to prevent this.

Rating of strollers: third place

strollers for winter rating
And the last model in our list is Capella S-709. This stroller can be considered a standard product of this type. Soft and warmed materials, various positions of the footrest and back, hood, large enough screens - almost any model can boast the same. In the rating it is on the third place more likely because among other models with the same set of advantages and disadvantages differs in availability at a price (about 7 thousand rubles).

It should be noted that in the winter this strollerUse will only happen if the roads are cleared, otherwise it just will not pass. The disadvantages of the model consist in its considerable weight (10.5 kg), slippery seat material and insufficiently large hood - it drops only to the side.

We presented to you our own rating of strollers, compiled by experts. But, as is known, there are so many people in the world, there are so many opinions. And which wheelchair do you consider to be the best?

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