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Tracheitis in a child: symptoms and treatment, complex effects

Tracheitis is called the inflammatory processmucous membranes of the tubular organ connecting the bronchial tree with the throat (larynx). The pathological process can develop at any age, but it is in children that it develops in a more painful and complicated form. In the course of the disease, the disease is divided into acute and chronic species, and its cause is often caused by viruses, less commonly streptococci or staphylococci.

tracheitis in a child with symptoms and treatment
Tracheitis in a child: symptoms and treatment

The first sign of the disease is drycough, although often it can be observed in a productive form - with a minor separation of sputum. In addition, the temperature can rise to 39 degrees, appear hoarseness in the voice, hoarseness, pain and burning sensation behind the sternum. Little children start to refuse food and drink, trying to save themselves from pain. Here, parents need to show maximum patience and in no case provoke the child to scream. The fact is that in this case, the vocal cords with involvement of one more, not very pleasant, disease - laryngitis can be affected. When they say "silence is gold," this is just about tracheitis, laryngitis and other pharyngeal inflammations.

Do you need a doctor?

Tracheitis in a child whose symptoms and treatmentdiscussed in this material, requires the obligatory consultation of the pediatrician. The mask of this pathology often conceals more serious diseases - obstructive bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. In most cases, antibiotic therapy is not required, because the viruses do not respond to this category of drugs. If the tracheitis occurs without temperature, then the treatment is exclusively symptomatic. However, the observation of the doctor remains relevant, since at any time the disease can change its "habits."

tracheitis in a child Komarovsky
Tracheitis in a child: symptoms and treatment from alternative healers

First of all, if symptoms are foundinflammatory process in the field of the trachea, it is necessary to carry out a maximum of measures aimed at raising the immunity. So, you can use immunostimulating preparations of plant origin ("Biaron", "Flavozid") or on the basis of human globulin (Anaferon, Interferon).

Herbs against tracheitis

When coughing it is useful to give broths of herbs or syrupson their basis. Well in this case, help the root of licorice, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, marshmallow or ivy ordinary. With the same herbs you can do steam inhalations. With viscous sputum, this manipulation with conventional baking soda or mineral water is especially good. You can give honey in the absence of allergies, but make sure that the baby absorbed it. Also, to soften the mucous membranes it is useful to drink hot milk or any other drink, but always with a piece of butter.

Good inhalation with essential oils based oneucalyptus, fir, etc. In addition, the tracheitis in a child, whose symptoms and treatment are of interest to every mother, is susceptible to the effects of thermal procedures. Razirki special ointments or balms ("Star", "Doctor Mom", etc.) will be especially useful. Hand should be the baby's chest, feet, as well as the lower parts of the bronchi behind, but first make sure that the small patient normally tolerates these remedies.

Tracheitis in a child: Komarovsky recommends

how to cure tracheitis in a child

This pediatrician evokes the confidence of the majoritymothers of our country, because he always advises us to first resort to comprehensive measures in the tactics of treatment, and only then throw on modern drugs - "pacifiers", which either have minimal pharmaceutical effect, or it is absent altogether. Dr. Komarovsky denied the generally accepted opinion about the benefits of nebulizers (modern inhalers). They are recommended for pulmonary diseases, otherwise the infection from the upper parts of the ENT organs can fall down, provoking the second wave. Basically, he tends to the same methods of treatment that are indicated above, but advises to pay special attention to humidifying the room where the patient is, and more often to ventilate the room.

Now you know how to cure a tracheitis in a child,so your baby's health is in safe hands. Try to help him as soon as possible, then you will quickly get rid of the importunate disease and forget about it!

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