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Rating of feed for cats: choose a treat for pets

A little fluffy lump that used to bewas placed in your palm, gradually growing and becoming a shaggy member of the family. He has his rights, and you have responsibilities, since you took responsibility for his upbringing.

rating of fodder for cats
One of them is the need to providecat proper nutrition. Natural food with all its merits is not always useful. A balanced diet is one of the necessary conditions for your pet to be healthy and cheerful.

The rating of fodders for cats is peculiara guide that allows you to choose the right and useful composition. But first let's talk about the main types of food. First of all, all the mixtures are divided into two types: dry and wet. It should be remembered that when using dry food, the daily diet should be increased.

The age category of your cat also matters. That's why manufacturers produce three types of feeds:

  • for kittens (usually a mixture of liquid consistency, well digested and include many useful substances);
  • for adult animals (dry and canned varieties, the composition of which in most cases depends on the weight of your pet);
  • for elderly cats (usually canned mixtures,However, dry variants can also be found especially for fragile teeth; such feeds differ in reduced caloric content, since the animal in old age moves very little).
    sheba cat food

The rating of cat food ranks ready mixesand by composition. And the situation in this list is the lower, the more in the nutritive forage of offal, cereals, carbohydrates. Such a composition can lead to obesity of the animal, so you must feed your cat with extreme caution.

There are also special medical feeds for ourfluffy friends who contribute to the cure of any disease. Specificity of the mixture is indicated directly on the package. That's why it's better to refuse from a weighed product.

Heads the same rating of feed for cats foodpremium class. It is balanced, there are no side effects and unpleasant effects. The basis of such feeds is meat, vitamins and cereals. Leaders of sales in this area are "Orijen" and "Evo". They consist of natural ingredients, contain both meat and fish, as well as vegetables with fruits. Next comes "Acana", specializing in fish delicacies. It is possible to note and "Felidae", the basis of these canned food is rice.

Separately, I want to say about the company "Sheba". The cat food of this brand is very popular among animal lovers. It can hardly be found among the leaders of the top, but it is present in almost every house where there are pets. Why is this mixture not included in the rating of feed for cats? The thing is that "Sheba" is a treat. For example, as a chocolate for a child.

car feeders for cats
This mixture can be given from time to time topamper your cat, but you can not constantly feed the animal with this product. You can provoke stomach upset in your pet. It is very good to add "Sheba" in dry food, the latter will be better absorbed, and cats absorb such a breakfast with a huge appetite.

Talking about feeding fluffy pets, you can notremember and the dishes for them. Namely about the feeders. Along with the simplest models, new and improved ones appeared. For example, car feeders for cats. Their dignity consists in the fact that they themselves give food to your pets. Such a feeder can be configured for both 2-storing and 3-storing meals. You will be spared from unnecessary worries connected with feeding a cat. In addition, eating at the same time will favorably affect the condition and well-being of your hairy friend.

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