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The development of children by months is a fast and interesting process

Nine months of waiting behind. Now there is a little man in the family who becomes more adult every day. The development of children by months is rapid and

development of children by month
an interesting process.

In the first month, the baby just sleeps and eats. By the end of the month, he begins to react to sounds and to distinguish close relatives of his relatives.

In the second month the child begins to smile, "walk" and can not follow the toy for long.

The third month - the baby can hold his head, watch the toys and try to grab them, react to different sounds.

The child in the fourth month will know his family. At the sight of strangers crying. Starts playing with toys. Tries to turn over on his stomach. Starts to "babble".

Fifth month

early development of children
- the child is the first to show initiative in communication. He stretches out his pens, "whispers" with might and main, turns over on his stomach and tries to turn back.

The development of children by the months of the second half of the year alreadyconsiderably differs. On the sixth month the baby can sit and sit on his own. Begins to try to crawl. Reacts to his and name and can with the help of an adult get up.

A child who is seven months old, eats from a spoon and tries to drink from a cup. Understands the words "can", "impossible" and the names of objects. He knows the location of things in the house where the toys lie.

At eight months is very activeattachment to my mother. The child likes to clap, dance. The kid can himself, leaning on something, or with the help of adults to move around. Distinguishes meaning of words: "show," "bring," "give."

A child who is nine months old, crawls and walks, but still holding on to the support. Starts with screaming and crying

preschool development of children
achieve the desired. He makes his first attempts to dress and eat alone.

Ten months - the child tries to walk on his own. Can climb and slazit with low objects. Increasingly, she dances to music, pronounces the first words.

At eleven months the baby is more and more independent. Waving his head, meaning "yes" or "no." Understands the difference between good and bad.

Twelve months - the child confidently walks, utters a few words.

The development of children by months to a year is very dynamic. But do not forget that every child is different.

After a year, the kid seeks to explore the world around him. To date, very early development of children is very popular. It has been scientifically proven that children under three years of age remember a huge amount of information and are actively developing. Many methods of early development have been developed.

Has your baby grown and will soon be going to school? It is also necessary to prepare a child. Pre-school development of children is very helpful for the child in the future and facilitates learning.

Know how the development of children goes by months, -it is the duty of any parent who wants his child to grow up healthy, intelligent and developed in all spheres of future life. After all, this knowledge will help to make the right decision for the necessary course of development of the child at a certain point in its just beginning life path.

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