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Tatamia ("Tatamia") is a highchair for feeding from Peg Perego. Description, photo, reviews

Modern chairs for feeding representare universal adaptations that can be used from the first days of life. One of the best in this group of children's products is the new development from "Peg Perego" - "Tatamia". The chair is distinguished by its original design and the latest mechanisms of transformation and adjustment.

About the brand

The Italian company Peg Perego has been providing children with quality products for their happy development for more than 50 years. This brand instantly gained popularity thanks to its strollers.

At the starting stage of the business the founder of the companyGiuseppe Perego produced small strollers. He independently collected their design, and his wife came up with a fabric covering. Other parents immediately drew attention to the unique design of these strollers and showed a desire to acquire the same. As a result of increased demand and interest in his products, Giuseppe decided to seriously tackle the production of baby carriages.

During its existence the companysignificantly expanded and diversified the range of manufactured goods. To date, Peg Perego products include strollers, children's vehicles, car seats, educational toys, sleep kits, accessories. Groups of goods "Peg Perego" are created taking into account the wishes of mothers with strict observance of modern quality standards. Beautiful execution and use of the latest technology makes Italian products the best.

Developers of products make a lot of effort andknowledge, in order to create a unique product that has not been before. This is the chair of "Peg Perego" "Tatamia". This innovative development deserves special attention.

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"Tatamia" - a new generation of stools

Studying the physiological characteristics of babies andrules of care for them, the employees of Peg Perego decided to create the most practical and convenient device for feeding. The highchair "Tatamia" corresponds to all wishes of young parents and modern trends.

The chair is a strong stabledesign with a comfortable soft seat. It is equipped with the latest management systems. Built-in wheels facilitate easy movement of the chair from one place to another. And the braking system allows you to instantly lock or unlock the wheels.

It is possible to adjust the height and slopeback, choosing the most convenient parameters for feeding the baby. Thanks to the presence of a five-point seat belt, you can securely fix the active youngster.

Feature of the chairs of the Tatamia series is theirsupport. The seat is held on a sturdy broad leg, which ensures the stability of the structure. This unique model of the legs does not allow the child to fall when the slope is strong.

Features of the design make the chair "Perego Tatamia" the best among products of a similar designation.

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Characteristics of the stool

Consider the main characteristics of the chair Tatamia:

  1. Adjustable seat height - the adjustment system allows you to lock the height of the chair in 7 positions.
  2. Ability to set the backrest inclination in 4 positions.
  3. The support moves on 6 wheels.
  4. Wheel locking system Stop & Go.
  5. Adjustable seat belts.
  6. Removable double table.
  7. Removable leg separator.
  8. Adjustable footrest.
  9. Removable cover made of eco-leather.
  10. Function of rocking chair and chaise longue.

The total weight of the chair is 14 kg.

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Design Features

Simulating a highchair for feeding "Peg Perego"Tatamia ", the designers preferred gentle colors. The footrest, support, table top and other plastic parts are presented in white and gray colors. The seats of all models are made of a one-tone fabric of a gentle shade. This color solution gives the product design versatility. Chairs "Tatamia" fit into the rooms with any interior. They look neat and do not irritate the eyes with bright elements.

Chairs Tatamia are issued in blue, pink, beige, yellow, white and brown colors.

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Advantages of Tatamia models

The chair differs markedly from the products of othersbrands. Armchairs Tatamia look unusual and original. Unconventional design and design immediately attract the attention of parents who want to be different from others.

The design of the chairs is made of high-quality non-toxic materials. All the details have been thoroughly tested and meet the quality and safety standards.

The seat is wide and comfortable. In it, the kid can not only eat, but also relax, play. Just one click of a chair turns into a chaise longue or rocking chair.

The seat cover is made of hypoallergenic material, which is practical to use. To clean it, just wipe with a damp washcloth.

An important advantage of the chairs "Tatamia"is a large removable table. It is easy to remove and wash. If you remove the stand, the chair can be moved to a common table so that the child participates in a meal with other family members.

Despite the design, the chair "Peg Perego" "Tatamia" compactly folds and takes up in this form a little space. Therefore, it can be used in apartments of any size.

The manufacturer produces separately additional accessories for the highchair that parents can purchase if necessary:

  • removable arc with toys - it is attached instead of table top;
  • demi-seasonal loose leaf on a seat - the winter party is executed from a wool, and summer - from an easy cotton material.

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Disadvantages of the model

Tatamia is a highchair that combinesbest materials and technologies. It is practically impossible to find drawbacks in this model. Each element is thought through to the smallest detail. But still there are moments that suit not all parents:

  1. The inscriptions on the plastic parts are painted, which is quickly erased. If the chair is often wiped, there will soon be no trace of the inscriptions.
  2. The fixing system of the table top is dirty duringfeeding. The developers did not take into account that the kids are spinning while eating and messing up everything around them. As a result, moms are forced to constantly clean the sides of food.
  3. The material from which the seat cover is made is impractical for use in the summer. That the kid not prel, it is necessary to use cotton diapers.
  4. When folded, the stool is only locked when the wheels are locked.
  5. Absence of a basket for toys.
  6. Adjust the height of the seat is possible only without a child.
  7. High price. Chair "Tatamia" refers to premium goods.

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Cost of high chairs "Tatamia"

Tatamia products are multifunctionaland practicality. The manufacturer used the selected materials and technologies, which formed the basis of the price. Chairs "Tatamia" stand from 17.5 to 25 thousand rubles. The more famous the store that offers Peg Perego products, the higher the price.

Several times cheaper you can buy second-hand chairs from the "Tatamia" series. On the Internet you can find offers for 8-10 thousand rubles.

Recently, there has been an increase in prices for the Peg Perego brand products. This is mainly due to currency fluctuations.

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Young parents enthusiastically described the stoolTatamia. Reviews are mostly positive. According to moms, this reliable and multifunctional device perfectly helps in the daily care of the baby. In the chair it is convenient to feed the child. A large stand allows the kid to play during free time from food so that parents can do important things.

Especially the parents liked the opportunity to use the chair as a rocking chair. This makes it easy to rock the baby without having to shift it into a crib.

Some parents criticized the productsTatamia. Stool for feeding, reviews of which concerned his shortcomings, contain negative comments about the bulky armchair and the lack of a complete removable cover. To the baby was not hot, mummies are forced to buy a separate cover from Peg Perego or to make diapers.

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