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Gymnastics for the newborn. Physical development of infants

All parents love, cherish and cherish theirlong-awaited baby, but not everyone remembers that for a full-fledged growth of the baby you need not only timely feeding, bathing, sleeping and mother's smile, but also physical development. Gymnastics for a newborn, in conjunction with a massage, copes with this task perfectly. Thanks to these exercises, the muscles of the child are strengthened. They are also the prevention of many diseases.

gymnastics for the newborn
Gymnastics for the newborn. Basic views

Exercises for babies up to three to four monthsare based on congenital reflexes. This gymnastics is very simple in performance and is useful for the central nervous system of the baby. She also develops muscles and improves muscle tone.

Gymnastics for babies: we train the muscles of the neck and back

Laying on the stomach can be done already onthe first days of a baby's life. In this case, the child instinctively turns his head to one side, so as not to suffocate. Then the baby will be able to hold the head upright for a few seconds. Gradually this time increases. This reflex helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, neck and spine. This exercise should be carried out shortly before feeding the baby, so that the "extra" air comes out.

gymnastics on the ball for babies
Gymnastics for the newborn: strengthen the spine

This exercise is based on the Galante reflex. For this, the baby needs to be laid on the barrel, holding one hand by the legs, and with the index and middle fingers of the second hand, with light pressure, to hold along the spine. In this case, it is necessary to deviate from it in both directions by approximately 1.5 cm. In response to this touch, the baby will bend, which helps strengthen the spinal muscles and promote the flexibility of the spine.

gymnastics for babies
Exercise for the feet

The child needs to be laid on the back, and taking it in his handhis leg, to hold the thumb of the second hand on the foot pads. The infant reflexively bends her toes. If you spend on the outside of the foot, starting from the little finger and ending with a large, the fingers of the child will unbend. This exercise normalizes the tone in the legs of the baby.

Gymnastics for the newborn can also consist of the following classes:

  • Exercises for the muscles of the hands. Breast reduction and dilution of the handles to the sides. Bending at the elbows. Raising and lowering of hands. Each exercise is performed on average 4 - 5 times.
  • Exercises for the feet. The same as with the hands, but you can add to them a "bicycle".
  • For the muscles of the abdomen and back. Dilution of handles to the sides and reduction of them first left, then - right. Do the same exercise and with the legs.

Gymnastics on the ball for babies

Exercises on the ball (fitball) contribute torelax, relieve stress, improve bowel function, eliminate constipation, improve sleep, develop back and tummy muscles. Up to three months of life the main method of practicing on the ball is rocking. For this, the child is laid out on the fitball first with the tummy, then on the back, then on the right and left barrel.

During gymnastics talk to the kid, sing to him songs and smile, and then this daily procedure will become pleasant both to you and the child.

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