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Decoration of the corners in the kindergarten on various subjects

The way the design of the corners in the children's room looks likegarden, plays an important role. After all, from these, at first glance, "trifles" and a general impression of the institution. Usually the corners make thematic, for example, logopedic, psychological, for parents, educators, safety on the road, etc. Depending on this, the content is selected.

Most often the design of the corners in the kindergartenfalls on the shoulders of teachers. Of course, at the present time it is possible to meet a huge amount of methodical materials published in printing industry, but it's all right to choose everything, to make the stand visually attractive, to emphasize important information, and sometimes you have to add something yourself.

In order for the result to be effective and consistent with specific goals, several recommendations must be followed.

First of all, it is worth considering carefullydecor. You can not only imagine a corner in your imagination, but also make a few sketches to roughly represent how it will look. The main requirements that are imposed on him are the relevance and aesthetics.

For example, if parenting is donecorners in the kindergarten, then it is recommended to post information that will interest this category. It can be a daily routine, a menu, children's successes, announcements. We need to immediately think that some sections will be updated almost every day, and some hang out for a long time. This is taken into account when selecting materials for the corner. So, the advice of a psychologist or speech therapist can be placed for two months, the menu sheet will change daily. At the same time, the same information can quickly get bored, and it simply will not pay attention to it.

Registration of corners in kindergarten according to the rulesroad safety will be addressed not only to adults, but also preschool children, which is important to consider when selecting materials. You can make several exhibition stands and visually (for example, using certain colors) to select zones, each of which will have a specific addressee. The part that is recommended for toddlers, accordingly, will contain more illustrations and pictures. For parents and adults who accompany children, it is better to provide more background and analytical information.

Any materials posted on the stand must be carefully checked beforehand by responsible persons for errors, misprints and reliability, regardless of the subject matter.

Decorating the corners in the kindergarten with their own handsand presumes the selection of the color range in which they will be made. It must be remembered that too bright, variegated colors can lead the reader away from basic information, which must be emphasized, especially if these are official documents or announcements. It is better to do everything in one style, choosing neutral tones, however, important points can be highlighted a little brighter.

For convenience, you can use specialplastic transparent pockets in which the sheets with the necessary information are placed, hence they are easily removed and replaced with new ones. It should be noted that the use of pins or clips is strictly prohibited in preschool institutions.

It is necessary to say that the design of the corners inkindergarten is a responsible job, and requires the educator (or someone else who does this) to apply creative abilities. Strict limits and rules are imposed on what and how should be located here, no. In this case, it should be the necessary methodological or other materials that will attract the attention of those to whom they are intended.

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