/ / "Phenibut" (drug): reviews. "Fenibut" for the child: reviews of doctors, recommendations

"Fenibut" (drug): reviews. "Fenibut" for the child: reviews of doctors, recommendations

reviews of the fenibut for the child

Disease of the child - not so rareToday. But for parents, this phenomenon is always associated with feelings, especially if the doctor prescribes a "serious" drug. Before you start taking this medication, you always want to hear feedback. "Fenibut" for the child is appointed by the attending physician, who fully knows the information about the state of health of the baby.
Therefore, to trust the doctor's appointments is a very reasonable decision. Although the reviews of those who used the medicine, too, are important.

From the history of the drug

The drug "Fenibut" was invented and studied inSoviet Union teams of scientists who worked in the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute. Herzen at the Department of Organic Chemistry and the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

fenibut drug

As a result of experimental work, the preparationwas recommended as a tool in the astronaut's first aid kit. What did he give them? The reception of this medicine allowed the cosmonauts to work at the proper level. This drug in space flight conditions was much more effective than conventional tranquilizers.

What is Phenibut?

The drug "Fenibut" can not be with full confidenceattributed to drugs that have a tranquilizing effect. It can cause a nootropic and soothing effect. It is not a drug.

The drug stimulates the mechanism of the exchangeprocesses in the cerebral cortex, reduces the feeling of anxiety and tension. Improves mental and physical performance, memory, normalizes sleep. Increases the motivation of the activity without excitement. The drug "Fenibut" is often prescribed for children. The instruction on the use of the medicinal product indicates an improvement in the functional state of the brain, which is extremely important during the period of the child's schooling.

The drug is available in tablets. When buying a medicine, it is recommended to pay attention to what form it has. Very often, the tablet has to be divided into several parts. Some manufacturers took care that it was convenient to do.

Reasons for prescribing

Of all the drugs in this group, the drug in question is the most harmless, although "Fenibut" tablets for children under one year of age are not recommended.

Phenibut for children under one year old
And some instructions indicate a limitationtaking the drug for up to 3 years. However, the remedy is well known to parents whose children often visit a neurologist, regardless of their age. The drug "Fenibut" has different indications for use. The reasons for this medication can be various kinds of trauma, infectious diseases, increased excitability, stuttering, enuresis, and other abnormalities in health.

The tool in question can be assigned toas prevention of anxiety conditions that may occur in a patient before a surgical operation or carrying out some other painful procedures.

Effectiveness of the drug

The effectiveness of this medication can be judged by taking into account the patients' feedback.

Fenibut instructions for children
Tablets "Fenibut" - a drug that does not have an unambiguous evaluation of those who used it.

Some of the parents after the course of taking this medication note an improvement in the behavior of children, the emergence of new teaching skills, which before the use of tablets was very difficult to achieve.

There are testimonials that the medicine helped the child cope with stuttering. Side effects and addiction in this case was not observed, although the course of treatment was very long.

Good efficacy of the drug is notededucators working with children who are trained in correctional classes. As a rule, children with disabilities of speech formation, mental retardation, and deviations in the formation of the emotional-volitional sphere fall into such groups. The positive effect of the drug "Fenibut" is celebrated already a month after the start of the course of treatment.

Problems with urination have been resolved with the help ofthe drug in question at an early age. Since then, the disease does not recall itself. No side effects were observed either at the time of taking the drug or at the time of its withdrawal.

Other parents had to give up this medicine because it caused excessive excitability, the child could not fall asleep.

There are cases when after taking the drugthe baby slept for a very long time. This greatly alarmed the parents, they were forced to call for emergency medical care. The drug was stopped.

There are reviews where this medication is spoken of as a neutral remedy. He did not cause either addiction, or negative, or positive effects.

Apparently, the drug has a variety of reviews. "Fenibut" for a child and people of other ages very often the patients themselves recommend buying Latvian products. In their opinion, it is more effective.

The reaction of the body to taking the drug

In addition to positive effects on the body,the drug sometimes has side effects, so from people who took it, you can hear negative feedback. "Fenibut" for a child can cause increased excitation, dizziness, drowsiness. At the first reception of the drug, nausea, an allergic reaction in the form of skin rash, itching is possible. Children should be given medicine with care.

Very often the question is whetherdrug addictive? Doctors give a negative answer to this question. Parents have conflicting reviews. "Fenibut" for a child can be dangerous only if there are no instructions for its use or there is an individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Most doctors insist on this opinion.

Dosage of the drug

If there are no contraindications to admissiondrug, then patients of any age can be prescribed tablets "Fenibut". Dosage for children is significantly different from the norm for taking medication for adults at a time.

Phenibut dosage for children

Children under 8 years of age are prescribed 50-100 mg of the drugthree times a day. With a three-time intake of 250 mg per day, children of 8-12 years old can also be prescribed the drug "Fenibut". Instructions for use for children of any age determine the treatment course from 1 to 2 months.

A single dose for a child under 8 years old must not exceed0,15 g, and 8-14-year-old patients - 0,3 g. The norms of single-dose medication can be increased or decreased by the attending physician depending on the individual characteristics of the patient or his disease.

An overdose of a medicine

In case of an overdose, a pronounceddrowsiness, vomiting, lowering blood pressure, impaired kidney function. Having found out these symptoms, you should stop taking the drug. Gastric lavage, reception of activated charcoal - first aid in case of overdose of the medicine in question.

With prolonged use of the drug, control of liver activity and blood testing are necessary.

Methods of taking the medicine

Take the pill "Fenibut" inside. Wash with clean water. The order of food intake does not matter.

Self-medication is strictly not recommended.

fenibut instruction reviews
Special care must be taken whencancellation of the medicine. All patients note that a sharp discontinuation of the drug leads to a deterioration of well-being. The medicine "Fenibut" needs to be canceled, gradually reducing its dose. Especially this recommendation applies to children. If the instructions for the abolition of the drug are not observed in small patients, hysterics often occur, tearfulness, an excited state for several days.

This is explained by the fact that in the human bodya substance that exerts an excitatory effect on the central nervous system is released. The drug "Fenibut" is a deterrent effect. After the abolition of this medication, the unchecked "phenylethylamine" makes itself felt to the fullest. Therefore, the gradual abandonment of the "Fenibut" means a well-grounded recommendation.

Sometimes the technique is effective, in which at the momentrefusal of this medication is prescribed soothing drugs on herbs. The scheme of their reception is as follows: the dose of "Fenibut" tablets is gradually reduced, and the norm of a single dose of a sedative is gradually increased.

Current research results of the drug

For more than thirty years of experience using the drug "Fenibut" in medical practice, scientists have been able to detect and prove some interesting effect of the drug on the patient's body.

For example, if a person takes a healthy person at a dose of 0.8 g per day for 10 days, then it has a stimulating effect on memory. What happens? RAM is improving.

The use of the drug in question does not causeviolations of coordination of movements, the accuracy of the performed actions, the person's attention also does not suffer. These indicators distinguish the drug from other tranquilizers.

Low toxicity is another positiveThe characteristic, which possesses the "Fenibut". Instruction, reviews of patients, doctors, researchers indicate the positive effect of the drug on the activity of the cardiovascular system.

It is proved that after taking this medication after 15 minutes, its presence is found in all tissues and organs. Complete elimination from the body occurs in a day due to the work of the kidneys.

Instead of concluding

In the process of experimental work and on the basis ofresults of clinical data, the effectiveness of the drug "Fenibut" is fully proved. In addition, this medicine has clear advantages over other nootropic drugs.

fenibut testimony

This makes it possible to use the agent in question to treat children and the elderly. Although his admission in patients of these age categories should be under strict control.

The cases of prescribing adults are much broader- crisis conditions, alcohol dependence, stress, depression, etc. Dosage and duration of the use of the drug "Fenibut" is of an individual nature, which only a doctor can determine.

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