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Why the water in the aquarium becomes turbid and how to deal with it

To answer the question, why does the water become turbidaquarium, it is necessary to analyze all possible causes of its pollution. One of the main causes of turbidity of water is the excessive amount of food. If the water in the aquarium is cloudy, try to limit the amount of food and feed the fish once a day. They must eat all the food in 15 minutes. If during this time they did not eat everything, reduce the portion. Arrange your fish for a fasting day once a week.

Another most common reason,answering the question, why the aquarium is turbid water, is the lack of a filter or its insufficient power. The filter must match the volume of water in your aquarium.

It can not be immediately established whythe water in the aquarium becomes turbid, in which case a third of the water should be replaced. If this did not help, you may need to replace all the water in the aquarium. Experienced aquarists advise to change the water completely at such times:

- Aquarium up to 100 liters - once a year;

- Aquarium 100-200 liters - every 3 years;

- an aquarium in excess of 200 liters - every 5 years.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine why the water becomes turbidaquarium, because turbidity is a consequence of careless water pouring or the actions of fish actively digging the soil. In this case, the smallest particles of soil and algae float in the water.

The turbidity of the water can be caused by the death of one or several fish, so every day check the number of fish and immediately remove the deceased.

Very dangerous water turbidity caused by an activeincrease in the number of bacteria in the water. This phenomenon often occurs in a highly overpopulated aquarium with a small number of living plants. In such aquariums accumulate the products of life of all its inhabitants, which are an excellent nutrient medium for many putrefactive bacteria. Such bacteria are harmful to fish and plants. In this case, it is necessary to plant extra fish in another container and do not feed them for 2-3 days at all. During this time, the bacteria must die. In such cases, special drugs are often used, which are added to the water to kill bacteria. In severe situations, it becomes necessary to completely replace water. In the filter it is necessary to place activated carbon, which absorbs various harmful substances. The main criterion of water quality is its smell. Of aquatic plants, the ellodest dentate has the greatest effectiveness against turbidity.

For water purification,medicinal preparations, for example, such as bicilin-5. It should be added to water at a rate of 5000 units per liter. This treatment is carried out for 3 days. The medicinal solution is prepared daily before the treatment of water. Biological turbidity is often removed by ozone or ultraviolet sterilization. If no funds help, you will have to replace not only water, but also the soil.

Incorrect use of a variety of chemicalmeans causes a change in pH. The consequence of this is the turbidity of the water and the appearance of a whitish coating on the decor, stones and plants. Very often this happens when using chemicals in pure form, that is, without their preliminary dissolution. In this case, it is better to plant all the fish in another aquarium.

Sometimes to turbidity of water leads the use ofwooden decor elements and filtration of water using peat. Before putting into the aquarium driftwood should be thoroughly soaked. To clean the water in this case, activated charcoal is used.

When you figure out why the water becomes turbidaquarium, immediately begin to take measures to clean it, because low-quality water can ruin all your fish. If you took care of the living beings, it is extremely attentive.

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