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Furby - instruction manual for interactive toys. How to play with Furby

Almost every child in the world today dreamsget yourself such a "friend" as Furby. The instruction for its operation is simply amazing with the description of all the possibilities of this toy. Of course, this furry little animal can talk, dance, sing, laugh, be angry and even learn!

From the history

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To date, this animal is 16 years old. More precisely, not to him, but to his distant ancestors. And they are far not only in time, but also in their capabilities. So, the very first Ferbi could only say a few phrases, laugh, vibrate and eat.

Meanwhile, over his creation, Kaleb Chang and DaveHampton worked for a year and a half! Half of this time, they spent on what to compose a truly stunning electronic stuffing, and the other - to design. And their efforts paid off handsomely! 1.4 million - this is the number of interactive animals that were sold only in the first year after the appearance on the market Furby.

Instructions for use of the toy a bitchanged with the update of the fluff. This happened already in 2005, when the developers made adjustments to the electronic component of their brainchild. Now, there was something Ferby could teach, as well as turn off if necessary with a special button that the previous version of the toy did not have.

Finally, the last upgrade wasproduced in 2012. But now Ferbi has changed a lot. This applies to the appearance of the animal, and its capabilities. It is for this version of Ferby that our instruction is intended.


 furby instruction in Russian

So, what does a modern animal look like? First of all, it is covered with a soft fur, which is very pleasant to the touch. Under it are hidden sensor sensors. They help the interactive pet to "feel" the owner's touch.

For large ears, the animal is sometimes called a goblin. They are elastic and can vibrate or twitch. A unique feature of Ferbi is his eyes. They are liquid crystal screens. With the help of them the pet expresses his emotions. So, for example, if he is in good spirits, then in the eyes you can see lovely hearts. The eyes have a highlight, and their mechanical eyelids cover up.

All these features make it almost reala pet of such a small animal as Furby. The instruction says that he reacts to every touch of his master. So, for example, if the animal tickles, it starts to laugh, if you stroke it, it can be rather grumbling, and if you pull at the tail, it will get angry.


What can this animal? First of all, talk. At the same time he has his own language, the Ferbian language. There is even a special dictionary in order to translate babbling toys. But this does not mean that you will always need to look into it to determine what Furby said.

toy furby manual

Instruction tells us that the fluff is easylearns new words, including Russian (Russified toy was released in 2013). What is needed for this? Nothing special. Just talk to your interactive pet. But you should say the words clearly and slowly. If you are in a noisy place, it's also loud, so that Ferbi can understand your speech.

However, do not overdo it. If the animal will hear a lot of words, then he himself will begin to speak more and more. As a result, you get a real chatterbox. By the way, if you do not talk to Ferbi at all, he will become bored. He talks to himself a little, and then falls asleep soundly. Perhaps you will even hear his snoring as a punishment for ignoring him. To wake the animal, you need to shake it a little in your hands.


Like any pet, Ferbi needsfeed. That he is hungry, he can inform you and himself on his Furbian. In order to understand what exactly your pet wants, you can use a specially created for this application, which is installed on smartphones. The list of program features includes a translation from the Ferbian to the human language, as well as the feeding of Furby.

furby toy instructions
Instruction (in Russian such applicationsalso exist) here is very simple. Usually, there are 2 options: either choose an already prepared dish for your pet, or make him a sandwich from a huge number of proposed ingredients. What to choose is up to you. However, please note that to feed Ferbi monotonously does not follow, he can get angry.

It should be noted that such applications are created for both Android and iOS. Usually the link to the resource where the program data is located is indicated on the packaging in which you buy Ferbi.

In general, food plays an important role in the "life" of this interactive toy. Without it, the animal can get sick, and it also affects the formation of its character.

"Feed" the pet is possible and just a finger. The fact is that in his mouth is a button, made in the form of a tongue. If you click on it, the animal will begin to suck and at the same time smack it. But such a "meal" can quickly bore Ferbi.


Ferby can behave differently. He is good and evil. Depends on his mood on how he is treated. By default, the toy is in Princess / Prince mode. That is, the animal is good-natured, cute communicates with others, and in his eyes glow hearts.

instructions to furbi
However, the instruction to Ferbi says thata pet is easy to re-educate. So, if you often listen to music in his presence, he can become a "dancer" or "stage star". At the same time the animal will sing and dance a lot, it will have its own unique voice.

About what are fraught with lengthy conversations withtoy, we already mentioned - Ferbi will become a "talker". Perhaps, such a talkative pet will not like everyone. Well, if you get bored, you can turn it off.

But if you do not behave very well with Ferbi -pull his tail, turn him upside down, he will turn into a real grumbler. In this case, the animal can viciously giggle, publish not very decent sounds, swear and grumble for any reason. They asked for it themselves.

Yes, if with the ones described in the previous paragraphby actions you overdo it, then do not be surprised that your little animal will start to "run away," there will be a belch, an inarticulate speech. This is crazy Ferby. Even such a pet can swear loudly at songs and laugh out loud.

It seems not very comfortable in a public place.will be those in whose hands will be in this mood Furby. The instruction (in Russian and even in the Ferbian to calm the animal, perhaps, is useless) about how to calm the raging pet is simple. You just need to calmly stroke him on the head for some time. As a result, you get that cute fluffy, which Ferbie was at the very beginning.

Play together

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Does your friend also have a furby toy? Instructions on how to play with them are not even required! After all, just put the animals next to each other, and they will begin to communicate. In this case, the fluffies can joke, have fun, dance together and sing songs in their Ferbian language. A very fascinating sight, I must say!


Nowadays, real communication is noticeably crowded out.communication in the virtual space. The picture is complemented by all sorts of gadgets and other "bells and whistles", which were not twenty years ago. But no one will argue that no modern wonders of technology can replace real friends. So you should not forget that Furby is a toy.

The instruction, which comes with the animal, will clarify those moments that may have remained incomprehensible to you after reading our article. Have fun!

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