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Day of the State Flag of Russia - holiday of the revival of the tricolor

The flag is a symbol of the country, the same as the coat of arms andanthem. There is a Day of the National Flag of Russia. It is dedicated to the revival of the tricolor and is celebrated annually in August, 22nd. The date relates to the August putsch that took place in 1991.

the day of the national flag of Russia
History of the tricolor

The tricolor flag existed since the time of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. At his command, red, white, blue cloths were used for ship cloths, depicting eagles.

In St. Petersburg, the originalAn ancient Russian flag, which was raised on the ship "Saint Peter" in 1693. It has three horizontal equal color colored stripes, its length is 4.3 m, width - 4.6 m.

Day of the State Flag of Russia emphasizesthe meaning of the flag for our country at all times. It is no accident that Peter I in 1699 approved a sketch of a three-strip cloth. In 1705 he issued a decree, which stated that all vessels should lift the flag according to the approved model. The sample showed the colors and the order of the horizontal bands.

In 1858, under Tsar Alexander II, the clothbecame black-yellow-white. But the tricolor was returned when Alexander III ascended the throne. This is due to the fact that the new king considered the black-yellow-white combination of colors alien to our country.

The Day of the State Flag of Russia reflects thatthe fact that white, blue, red - colors that are Russian symbols. This was determined by the Ministry of Justice in 1896. Tricolor was a symbol of the country before the revolution. During the Civil War, he represented the White movement. And the Soviet Army used a red cloth.

the day of the national flag of Russia 2013
Day of the State Flag of Russia: the appearance of the holiday

Three-colored cloth was raised over the White House inMoscow in 1991 during the summer putsch. It replaced the traditional red with a sickle and a hammer. The event occurred on August 22, so this day is considered a holiday.

the day of the national flag of the Russian Federation
In November 1991, the flag was approvedLegislatively: 750 deputies from 865 voted for it. The Constitution says that in a rectangular panel equal horizontal stripes, colors (white, blue, scarlet) change each other from top to bottom. The ratio of width to length is one to two.

On the Day of the National Flag of the Russian FederationFederations flutter everywhere. They are hung on a mast, a pole and without it. If the flag is positioned vertically, the white bar should be on the left. The colors are as follows:

  • white - frankness and nobility;
  • blue - honesty, fidelity, chastity, impeccability;
  • red - courage, courage, love, generosity.

According to another version, white color represents freedomaction, blue - Theotokos, red - power. The rise of the flag is accompanied by the singing of the National Anthem. For damage and destruction of the panel criminal liability is provided.

Day of the National Flag of Russia 2013celebrated on August 22. Particularly actively supported by its large cities. This causes pride for the country, for the compatriots. The holiday unites the society at the expense of such values ​​as patriotism, statehood. Thanks to this, Russians feel part of the country!

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