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Congratulations on your birthday (13 years) to the girl. What to gift?

Birthday in the life of the child is interesting andlong-awaited event. It is then that most of the children come true with the most secret desires, are embodied in the life of dreams. As a rule, sons and daughters wait from their parents to give them good gifts. But most of all the attention is appreciated, because the child so wants to be hugged, kissed, reminded how wonderful he is.

birthday greetings 13 years old girl

To pay attention to a teenager is no less important thanbaby. He also expects from you kind words and understanding. Only with a teenager should build relationships on an equal footing, in every way emphasizing his unique personality. How to properly prepare a birthday greeting? 13 years old girl is a responsible period when she wants to feel interesting and in demand.

How to congratulate?

A teenage girl is not enough to just givegift in hands. It is extremely important for her to know that adults appreciate her as she is, accept her choice in everything. This is the birth time of the little rebels. Children at this age often become conflicted, irritable. How to start a birthday greeting? 13 years old girl - the moment when parents can become friends or completely distant people.

gift to a girl 13 years old on her birthday

First, it is necessary to take care in advance that,all for the holiday was enough. Buy a variety of goodies and surprises. If you plan to receive guests, think together with your daughter in advance all the details. Second, rehearse the very moment of congratulation. You can even prepare special scenarios for 13 years. The girl will surely be very pleased. In addition, acting on a clear plan, you will not get confused and utter important words more organized. It is necessary to note the merits of the daughter, to wish her fulfillment and realization of everything conceived. Here are the main components, of which congratulations for the birthday (13 years) should be included. The girl, no doubt, will be pleased.

Sample poems for congratulations

From parents:

Dear our daughter!

We congratulate you from the bottom of the heart!

We wish you happiness,

But do not hurry to grow up.

Be still a carefree child,

Leave for your childhood in memory the road,

Forget all sorrows and adversities

And enjoy life a little.

Let friends surround everywhere,

Luck meets on the way,

To you, our daughter, we wish happiness

Today and tomorrow, always ahead!

Neutral poem:

13 years old - special age:

Do not want to play dolls for a long time.

13 years old - new age:

Find true friends, sing, dance!

13 years - a path from childhood,

It leads to youth bright in the distance.

13 years is not easy,

But you are confident to the goal go!

What to present as a presentation? This question worries caring parents long before the day of celebration. In fact it would be desirable to buy daughters really something significant and valuable, to what she will longly be pleased. A gift to a girl of 13 years old on the day of birth must be liked by her, so it's worth asking her what she really wants.

"Ferbi Boom"

This interactive toy remains popular onthis day. She can speak, dance, express emotions, change her character. "Ferby" can become a wonderful friend for your daughter. Give her this joy and see how her eyes will shine!


Vinyl babies are now at their peakpopularity. They are fond of collectors and adult women. Each girl has a need to play dolls: to feed, change, swaddle. "Reborn" is ideal for this purpose.

It may happen that your thirteen-year-old daughter is so carried away with a gift that she will forget about everything else. In the doll "Reborn" it is impossible not to fall in love, it leaves no one indifferent!


Today, teens try to imitate everythingadults and peers. Each of them wants to have a modern device that can be bragged at school in front of friends. A smartphone is an integral part of the life of young people. Such a phone is necessary for them to listen to music, read books, go online. You should not save on a good smartphone for your daughter. Believe me, it is extremely important for her classmates to feel good.

scenarios for 13 years girl

Thus, congratulations on his birthday (13years) the girl must necessarily be accompanied by sincere words coming from the heart. Do not neglect a good gift - the main thing is that the girl liked it.

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