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African parrots are hot

Parrots are the most interesting of the large parrot species. The homeland of these gray birds is Africa, where they live in tropical forests in packs, mainly in the western part of the country.

parrots jako
Live and nest in the trees. They feed on berries, local fruits and grains, which are searched in the fields.

Parrots are wild in nature

Jaco has a rather long body - up to 40 cm andweighs up to 600 grams. Therefore, it requires a three-dimensional cell to contain it, from 50 cm in height to 40 cm in width. If you think that the parrot will sit peacefully and quietly in his cage, you are mistaken. Gray greyhounds are schooly birds, they require daily attention. That is, in order for your pet to grow obedient, affectionate, you must give him the will (within the apartment) and active communication. Flying through the apartment, parrots will quickly learn to talk and mimic adults. On the contrary, birds growing up in a cage often do not want to talk, are restless and irritable. Therefore, it is necessary from the first days of the settlement to work hot in the apartment, to find ways to arrange it to yourself, to overcome the fear of the parrot.

Care and maintenance of gray parrots

When installing a cell in an apartment, it is necessaryponder and choose a well-lit place. Also, the bird prefers a high place, so her home should be at a height above the floor of the owner's chest. The bird should not be bored, therefore in a cage there should be an abundance of toys, twigs.

parrots are very pricey
Tame the bird should be gradually, while clearly and calmly talking.

Parrots are hot - the most intelligent birds of the genus of parrots. They are able to imitate the sounds of the phone, TV, alarm clock. Listening to the conversation of the hosts, they can insert words and phrases that suit their meaning. They repeat the sounds of other birds and pets. Parrots do not tolerate violence - they need to be tamed and trained only with understanding and love. And only when the bird realizes that a person does not pose any danger to her, she will completely trust her master.

How much does the parrot costly?

To buy it is better to chicks, as adultsIndividuals do not get used to changing the situation badly, and can also fall into despondency and even aggression, missing former owners and the place of residence. This often happens when the owner for a long time is excommunicated from home, for example, on a business trip. From anguish, an adult parrot can perish.

African parrots are hot, the price is

how much is the parrot zhako
which ranges between 500 - 1600dollars, is undoubtedly an expensive pleasure. Not everyone can lay out such money for a bird. But if you consider that they live to 80-100 years with proper care, they are quite smart and capable, then wealthy lovers are ready even to fork out a lot more, acquiring this handsome man.

If you have never had a parrot and nothave experience of keeping birds, it's better not to risk acquiring a gray parrot. After parrots are hot - very penetrating birds, they do not forgive mistakes to their masters, and if you lose the trust of your pet, then it's rather difficult to win again. Therefore, the owners of the intellectual need boundless patience, willpower, perseverance and, of course, love for their pet. When you realize that it is exactly what you need as a favorite pet, and you will bear all the responsibility for it, then you will not be deterred by how much the parrot is hot.

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