/ Which washing powder is better: reviews. Washing powder: a review of the means

What washing powder is better: reviews. Washing powder: a review of the means

As you know, advertising - the engine of trade, and notalways the quality of the detergent meets expectations. Which means is best? How to choose a detergent? Reviews of famous brands - do they believe? The review of popular laundry detergents in this article will help determine the choice of powder, and also dispel a few myths regarding certain products.

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Selection of funds: the basics

When buying a powder, the following are important:

- chemical composition;

- cost;

- the presence of allergic reactions;

- type of washing;

- type of washing machine;

- the origin of the spots that need to be washed.

The task is significantly complicated by factors such as:

- an excessively wide range of detergents;

- fakes;

- regular changes in the basic composition;

- Features of operation.

Classification of washing powders

The considered category of SMS (synthetic detergents) is divided into several types, according to its main purpose:

  1. With the presence of biological additives.
  2. Designed to eliminate contaminants.
  3. Intended for bleaching.

washing powder отзывы

Some tools can combinethe above functions. Their effectiveness is best described, for example, such reviews: washing powder of this type is quite capricious in "combat" conditions, and under certain circumstances can not cope with the work.

In accordance with the functional qualities, the funds can be conditionally divided into the following enlarged groups and types of pollution:

Type of pollution

Type of powder

Light and medium degree


Bleaching, removing stubborn stains and heavily soiled areas

With special additives

Uneven and heterogeneous pollution


What does the detergent consist of?

The principle of operation of any washing powderis the dissolution of the active substances in the water, thereby initiating the process of hydrolysis - the cleavage of solid initial elements with the subsequent emergence of new compounds, otherwise - foams. Thus, washing begins. Foam collects dirt from the fabric and absorbs its particles.

Washing powder, reviews of which are praisedthe quality of the results of washing, most often contains a large number of phosphates and polymers. If the first make the water softer, then the second prevents the sedimented particles of dirt from settling back onto the fabric.

The powders for automatic washing includeSilicates - substances that protect the interior of the washing machine from the harmful effects of water and foam. Means with a bleaching function have either specific sodium compounds that directly remove stains, or compounds with special optical properties that only camouflage the contamination.

SMS with the so-called enzymes deserve the mostbest reviews. A washing powder with these additives is used to remove stubborn stains. Enzymes are synthesized proteins that can cope with fat, blood, wine and other particularly complex contaminants.

Some products are concentrate,which is diluted with water, or used in much less than conventional products. This method somewhat reduces the cost of washing, but the wrong dosage can cause allergies. For example, AOS-concentrated detergent, reviews of which, although positive, should be carefully measured. Otherwise, the laundry will at least have a very strong smell of odors, as a maximum - will cause irritation.

Powder and type of washing machine

Since washing machines are of different types, then powders for them should be selected appropriate:

washing powder amway reviews

  1. For an activator washing machine, SMS,recommended for manual washing. This is explained by the fact that at the bottom of this device there is a shaft with blades, which slowly enough mixes clothes and at the same time poorly creates foam. Accordingly, the lower its number, the worse the result will be.
  2. As the recommendations of manufacturers andnumerous reviews, washing powder for machines does not have to allocate a large amount of foam - cleaning is due to a strong mechanical impact during the torsion of the drum. Thus, a fluffy foam will only interfere with effective washing.

Choosing a detergent for children's things

Despite the fact that most childrenwashing powders are positioned as products that are not capable of causing harm to babies, it includes the same components as in conventional washing aids. That is why very often you can hear testimonials that children's powders for washing do not justify the hopes placed on them. The result is numerous allergic reactions to tender baby skin.

children's washing powder отзывы
The main enemy-aggressors are chemical andoptical brighteners. Therefore, before buying a detergent for children, reviews of mothers of toddlers, or more precisely, careful study of them, will be the best explanation of the composition indicated on the package. Most often, children's powders are produced with bioadditives. For example, the best washing powder, reviews about the properties of which scored the most useful votes - "Karapuz". However, there is one nuance: they can not wash woolen things.

The production of children's detergent powder is a real test for every manufacturer of detergent products. The main criteria for determining the quality of such a product are:


- good rinsing ability;

- Absence of perfumes;

The most famous and proven onesamong moms, children's means are "Ushasty nanny", "Pemos" and washing powder "Nanny". Reviews about their qualities are positive: the laundry after washing is soft, after touching the delicate baby skin does not leave irritation.

Choice of washing powder by type of fabric

In order not to be mistaken, the best way is tobuy a washing powder for each type of fabric separately and wash, sorting clothes and things. It is known that wool, colored linen, silk, cotton fabric, products that require bleaching, require different washing conditions.

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When choosing is not superfluous to readconsumer feedback. The washing powder will also be effective, depending on which program and water temperature are required. If the SMS will be properly selected according to the type of fabric and in accordance with the model of the machine, it will be possible to avoid not only the spoiled things, but also the breakdown of the washing equipment.

For delicate fabrics, powder is betterlook for individually. Some products have a strong synthetic odor, others - are uneconomical in comparison with their counterparts. When washing with a third, you need to add a protective agent to the machine.

Testing powders

The main and indisputable property of syntheticPowder - its ability to effectively remove impurities from the fabric surfaces. The more carefully the manufacturer is selected, the excess components are freed from excess impurities and the main components are weighed, the better the means will be laundered. However, for buyers, the cost of the powder, its availability, and the convenience of its use are of no small importance. Specifically, according to these criteria, several detergent powders of five completely different brands were selected by specialists for further examination: Amway, ARIEL, "Locus", Persil with a volume of 1 or 1.5 kg for color linen.

In the first place, the packages were studied forconvenience of opening and storage, as well as the availability of detailed instructions for use. Leader in this category was a detergent "Amway". Feedback on the packaging of "Luska", ARIEL and Persil is slightly worse: although they have detailed instructions, but economical plastic bags are not very convenient in terms of storage.

The next stage of the examination was the process itselfwashing. For her, the most typical conditions were selected: a medium-priced washing machine with a loading of 5 kilograms, things of daily use with varying degrees of pollution (bed linen and towels, adult and children's clothing - shirts, T-shirts). Spots of edible oil, tea, coffee, grass, blood, red wine and cosmetics were stained on the fabric.

Washing was done in two stages - quick (in cold water, 25 minutes) and full (in warm water, 65 minutes). The results are as follows.

washing powder phoenix professional reviews


A good enough is a detergent"Amway". Reviews of the results of full washing comply with the declared warranties of the manufacturer - the pollution is completely eliminated. But in cold water, the product did not care about stains from coffee, blood and wine.

Total information: can be purchased at online stores or through distributors. Packed in a cardboard box and plastic bag. There is protection of the washing machine from scale. When using the air conditioner is not required.


ARIEL left pale coffee and red marks. In warm water all the stains were washed. Quite a budgetary powder for their qualities.

General information: sold in any store of household goods and supermarkets. It is packed in a polyethylene tight bag. If desired, you can use anti-scale and conditioner for laundry.


"Locus" during a quick and full wash was unable to remove traces of red wine and coffee, although very pale by the end of the process. Powder of economy class.

Total information: you can buy in supermarkets and hardware stores. Has a polyethylene packaging. Additional protection against scale is recommended. The conditioner for washing is recommended for elimination of a synthetic smell.


Persil - among the tested, the last detergent. Feedback on the results of use suggests the following: did not cope with coffee, wine and blood, in warm water eliminated all pollution.

General data: sold in most network supermarkets. Packed in a tight opaque bag. There is protection against scale. Using the air conditioner is optional.

As can be seen from the test, all the powders studiedalmost equally coped with pollution. "Locos" is a little behind his competitors. In this regard, the experts decided to recommend the choice of detergent for the price and availability and sharpness of perfume. The data for these criteria are listed in the table below.





The average price for 1 kg

585 rubles

145 rubles

135 rubles

155 rubles



Not concentrated

Not concentrated

Not concentrated







Slightly noticeable


Strong synthetic

Slightly expressed, pleasant



70%, additional rinsing was required

80%, there was a light precipitate

85%, the presence of a small amount of turbidity

Consumption per 1 kg of laundry

11 ml of powder

41 ml of powder

40 ml of powder

44 ml of powder

Average customer rating on a 5-point scale





The most economical washing cycle for a full cycleARIEL and "Locos". Persil and Amway in this regard have not justified themselves, DDA and their cost is slightly higher than other powders. Apparently, the funds put into the price left for an extensive advertising campaign. The economy was determined by the number of washes that could be produced from 1 kg of powder, according to the instructions for use from the manufacturer.

washing powder phoenix reviews

Based on the results obtained,that not always active PR is a pledge of quality of a washing powder. Even those products that are not advertised on TV, and are sold through intermediaries, though positioned by manufacturers as the only optimal solution for home washing, are not always able to guarantee an absolutely positive result. In addition, it is worth considering that different customers have different evaluation criteria. For example, a fairly well-known washing powder Phoenix Professional, reviews about which are mostly positive, in fact, it turns out to be no better than the usual store. It attracts buyers low price, the presence of a measuring cup and the possibility of buying a lump sum of volume with delivery. If you want to test the next miracle of network marketing, it's best to take a test sample first. The same washing powder Phoenix, testimonials about which are dazzling on thematic forums, or Amway it is recommended to purchase this way: first a sampler, then - a large package. However, you can still find the right powder. Most often, this happens just by experience.

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