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Macrognatus eyeball: conditions in the aquarium

Someone likes fluffy, four-legged orfeathered pets, and someone loves the fish with all their heart. Today in apartments, restaurants and other premises you can see aquariums of any shape and size, populated by the most diverse and amazing species of aquatic inhabitants. Macrognatus eyeball - one of them. This unusual representative of aquarium inhabitants attracts the eyes of many visitors to pet stores. About how to properly care for such a fish, you can learn from this article.

Inhabitation in nature

A group of perciform fish contains a very unusuala subspecies, called hobotnotrylymi. It has only one family, divided into 2 genera and approximately 50 species. The main difference between the two branches is that the first consists of Asian species, and the second - from African species. Less well-known difference between them is in the structure of unpaired fins. They are separated from the macro-bagnatuses, and in the case of the Mastachembellus, they are connected.

macrognatus eye

The place where the eels inhabit - rivers and lakes with calm water and a bottom covered with mud or sand, which has dense vegetation.

Fish are prone to activity at night. In the afternoon they hide in the undergrowth, hide under rocks or burrow into the ground. Safety of the fish is provided by observing what is happening around. This is helped by a special proboscis, which serves as the olfactory organ. At night, eels prey on fry, plankton, small crabs and caviar.


In captivity contain, as a rule, macrognatusof the eyes. Despite its unusual appearance, fish are distinguished by grace. They have an oblong body, flat at the sides. Developing in the aquarium, the species reaches a length of 15-25 cm. The front part of the body of the macrognathus is somewhat like a fox's face. Upper jaw is a small proboscis with tubular nostrils at the end. Color of fish is pleasant, from soft beige to brown and olive flowers. It is complemented by an unusual pattern of light transverse bands and bright yellow dots. The entire body of the aquarium eel is separated by a strip.


Dorsal and anal fins are pushed towardstail, thoracic absent. They have a reddish or light brown color. The fin located on the back is decorated with black spots with a golden fringe. They are very similar to the eyes, for which the fish and got their name. Also on the back are thorns. Female individuals are always larger and thicker than males.


The first time after moving to a new aquariumFish can hide and be frightened of the environment, but soon they begin to settle and can swim out of cover even during the day. The group content of macrognatus eyeballs at a young age is permissible, but it is important to remember that after growing up, individuals can become more aggressive towards each other.


Put this species in one aquarium with smallfish is undesirable, because they are easily perceived as prey. The best compatibility of the macrognatus eyeballs is manifested with larger and more peaceful inhabitants.

macrognatus eyeball compatibility

The owner of the aquarium should also be cautious: the pet can quite bite the owner by the hand or injure, touching with thorns.


Macrognatus ophthalmic is able to co-exist withother fish, but to prove himself in all its glory, he can in a special species aquarium with a darkened glass, the volume of which will be from 100 liters.

The top should not be left open. It must be closed with glass, because this type of fish can escape through a small gap, if the quality of the water has deteriorated or it did not taste. Particular attention should be paid to the angles of the aquarium, as well as areas where the wires are placed, air ducts.

macrognatus eyeball in the aquarium

The presence of soil is necessary, as acne lovesbury it, leaving only the eyes and nose on the surface. It is important that there are no sharp stones in it, otherwise the fish will be hurt. If the soil is neglected, then macrognatus can begin various skin diseases. It is better not to use silt, but to take soft sand. Vegetation should not be easily scooped out. An excellent option - pots. Eels like to hide and hide, so in the aquarium you should always place various caves, driftwood.

Because the species is active at night and leadsunderground way of life, the fish produce a large amount of mucus so that they can safely burrow into the stones. If the excess of secretions is not removed, the skin becomes inflamed.

To the quality of water in the presence of macrognatusThere are no special requirements in the aquarium. It is necessary to follow only that it is clean. The most comfortable indicators: acidity - 7-8; temperature - + 21-28 ° С (permissible reduction to +20 ° С); rigidity is 6-15. Continuous aeration is required, as well as a third of water change every week. If desired, you can add 3-4 tablespoons of sea salt for every 100 liters of water.


The macropathic eyebrow loves the most alivefeed. You can always try to enter a dry or frozen species, but often the fish refuse it. Delicacy for them will be the larvae of mosquitoes, earthworms, small crustaceans and invertebrates. Sometimes they can also hunt smaller fish. Examples of feeding such fish with finely chopped squid or cod meat are known.


Under abnormal conditions of acne maintenancemacrognatus eyeball can get sick. The reasons for this are poor quality, dirty water, unsuitable ground. In such cases, the fish does not receive enough mucus, the skin becomes inflamed, ulcers appear.

Early treatment at an early stage canto return the eel to its normal state. The water temperature should be gradually increased to a mark of +32 ° C, and also increase the salinity level to 10%. Then you should add eryricycline and griseofulvin in the required dosage (agreed with a specialist), increase the amount of water changes.

eel macrognatus ocelli

Observing simple recommendations, you can populate the aquarium with a wide variety of fish. The main thing is to know in advance how compatible they are, and whether the conditions of keeping some pets fit for others.

The observation of life inside the aquarium will givea sense of peace and tranquility, as well as diversify your leisure time. The very glass construction with interestingly chosen inhabitants and ornaments can become a highlight of the interior of the room.

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