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Why not all dog breeds for the apartment are created

If you really want to have a dog, then, beforethan to lead a four-legged friend to his home, once again think about whether your apartment for a pet will become a cage, a prison or a more serious place of imprisonment.

In fact, this is a very serious and globala question, the answer to which you need to give yourself in advance and long before the acquisition of the puppy. Some dogs should live in a kennel and be planted on a chain. There are such breeds of dogs, for example, a lapdog or a dwarf poodle, whose representatives in a kennel even feel sorry for settling. In a word, the choice of a four-legged friend depends on the breed of dogs. Far from all will suit the apartment.

In order not to be unfounded, let's considerseveral situations on specific examples. Very many animal lovers, choosing a dog, prefer sheep dogs. Well, to tell you the truth, the breed is really attractive and very worthy. Firstly, the shepherds are obedient, loyal, intelligent and easy to train. Secondly, many shepherds are trained to care for disabled people, children, and also to help people with disabilities. All this is true. But is the sheepdog (German, Eastern European or Caucasian) a suitable breed of dogs for an apartment?

No sane dog breeder will say thatShepherd is comfortable in a stuffy and stuffed apartment. She needs space, air and street. Sheepdogs are dogs after all. A courtyard, a kennel or an enclosure with a chain (or without) is her place of residence.

The second argument against the settlement of sheep-dogs inapartments - these are hygiene issues. Of course, some zealous dog lovers vying to prove that with proper care the animal will not radiate a specific smell. Absurd. There is no such breed of dogs for an apartment, whose representatives would not smell at all. And as if the owner did not care, no matter how many times he bathed with an odorous shampoo, the perfume will remain. All because the sweat of the dog is very strong, and the presence of thick wool only aggravates the situation.

Separately want to say about the fighting dogs,which are also often turned on today by people. The content of the dogs of the fighting breeds differs from the mode of life of all the other of their brethren. To fight dog was a worthy opponent and could participate in the battle, it is not in the apartment that she should live. Still, it's a dog for a private house.

It should also be borne in mind thata specific breed of dogs requires a specific daily load. Namely, they must constantly be in the activity. Tell me, honestly, in the apartment there is enough space for the activity of the dog?

Based on the foregoing, it is possible that someonewill conclude that there is no dog breed, for an apartment created. Actually this is not true. A huge number of breeds of dogs can be attributed to the pets. For example, they are spaniels, terriers, lap-dogs, pekinese, pug, dachshund. It is also permissible to keep a poodle (not royal) in the apartment building.

At the same time, listing the breeds of dogs forapartments, it should be noted that much in the life of a dog in a people's room does not depend on her, but on the owner and his relationship to the pet. It is very important from the very first day of the appearance of a four-legged friend in the apartment to begin to properly educate the animal. After all, a living being is not created for living in four walls and is not yet familiar with the rules of existence close to people. The owner should gradually accustom the dog to the regime, to hygiene, cleanliness, rules of behavior in the apartment, to the place where it is allowed for an animal to rest and eat. If desired, some dogs can even be trained to walk on the need for a tray. However, do not forget that there is no dog breed for an apartment as such. All dogs need fresh air, active games, and loads. All of them require regular walks and are not averse to shaking in the mud (even if the upbringing does not allow it). And with what pleasure a small domestic dog barked by passing huge dogs!

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