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The first anniversary of 5 years - congratulations to the girl from relatives and friends!

The first anniversary of life is a grandiose event! Especially reverent to him are the parents. They prepare for the event carefully and in advance. It is necessary to take into account everything to the smallest detail: the outfit, the menu, the decor of the room, the entertainment for the guests and the congratulation to the girl for 5 years. In verse it will be or prose - it does not matter! The main thing is to sound sincere and it was clear to the child. Wish the baby a lot of happiness and well-being, because her life is just beginning!

Sea of ​​flowers

Beautiful bouquets like all without exception. Present to the little birthday girl a real miracle of the flora. Let the bouquet be gentle and elegant, unusually packed. Florists create real masterpieces, adding soft toys, accessories and even sweets to flowers. It is very important to surprise and please the princess in her first anniversary of 5 years. Congratulations to the girl say, looking in the eyes!

5 years of congratulations to the girl

What a wonderful morning,

After all, today is a festive day,

Everywhere laughter is heard - it's a miracle,

The house is joyous delight.

Five years is a serious date,

The first anniversary of my life,

Come, my joy,

I'll kiss you soon!

You are a little charm,

The pride of the whole family,

We know very precisely,

You will be happy!

Beautiful eyes shine,

Enthusiastically filling the hearts,

You are our dear girl,

Looks like my father now!

Grow, prosper and smell,

We will always support,

You are our muse, fairy,

My dear girl!

Very touching will sound such a congratulation on his birthday. 5 years old is an excellent age, the child already understands and understands much, but still, is carefree!

Sweet dreams

The nail of the program of any holiday is a smarta delicious cake. Create a confectionery masterpiece. Cream flowers or marzipan figurines will complement the design. A little birthday girl will come to full delight from such a presentation. Right on the cake you can write short congratulations to the girl, 5 years old - a tender age. Wish the baby a lot of happiness and success in her long and life filled with surprises.

Happy Birthday 5 Years

Balls, crackers and fun,

On a beautiful cake, five candles!

Friends gathered, bright gifts everywhere,

You've grown up for a year!

Cheer up today with all my heart,

Song sing, fervently so dance.

Your holiday today, sweet creature.

And we have one task -

Make your childhood carefree,

Safe and comfortable.

We love you with all our heart,

The asterisk is bright!

Everyone will like such sincere congratulations onHappy Birthday. 5 years is a serious age. The child already understands what is good and what is bad. So try to become the culprit of celebration as a friend, a close person and carry this friendship in a year!


Humor is appropriate always and everywhere. Give the little girl a small show as a congratulation. Tie a headscarf to your head and sing to the birthday girl of the chastushki with wishes for 5 years. Congratulations to the girl will be remembered forever. It will be fun and fervent!

short congratulations to the girl 5 years old

Our ... (name) today is five!

We'll walk till morning.

To burst cake and sing songs,

In the dance fun to sweat!

All the friends gathered here,

You can not take your eyes off the birthday girl!

As from the picture, she went,

Peers are crazy.

Cake, balls and guests,

What? Ask,

The princess has a birthday,

Until the morning we have fun!

You've grown up for a year,

You have many friends.

The dress is smart,

And a hairstyle otpadnaya!

Dolls, beads and balls,

Clap your hands, shout loudly.

Congratulations on your birthday,

We wish you much happiness!

Let all the dreams come true,

The luckiest you will be!

How quickly flew for 5 years. Congratulations to the girl in the form of ditties - an original idea! Let the baby sing along with you, you will get a great duet!

Once a year

To celebrate the birthday of a child is a musta condition for parents. After all, kids get bright emotions and impressions. They remain in memory for life. Do not skimp on gifts and kind words for your child!

congratulation to the girl for 5 years in verse

Anniversary today!

The first five!

The most important event

In a child's life!

And we congratulate you with this event,

In happiness and prosperity we want to grow up!

Have fun and smile,

In our attention, bathe!

You're a girl just class!

The best we have!

Be zadornoy, clockwork,

We are always with you!

Arrange her enchanting feast, invite allrelatives and friends! It seems that they have just taken a pink package from the hospital, and the princess has been 5 years. Congratulations to the girl from the very morning! Let it be charged with a positive for the whole day and feel this solemn day.

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