/ Which glue is better for shoes? Shoe repair

Which glue is better for shoes? Shoe repair

With a modern range of shops, even repairshoes with their own hands - not so terrible and difficult task. The main thing is to choose the right glue that will not only "revive" the shoes that you already wanted to throw out, but also will allow them to wear long enough, without fear that at the most inopportune moment they will again get unstuck or torn.

Many of us at least once in my life tried to repairfootwear by yourself. Not always such amateur performance successfully ended, because some types of work are better to entrust to professionals. At your fingertips, you may simply not have the right materials, and using "horrible" can be detrimental to the pair of shoes with which the professional can easily handle, and you will spend much less to pay for his labors than for new shoes.

So, if you decide on an independentminor repairs, the main question that should stand before you: "What kind of glue for shoes is better to choose with varying degrees of problems with your pair of shoes?"

A peculiar instruction for the correct use of glue for shoe repair

Before you independently undertake this task, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the algorithm of the work that is ahead of you in order to understand if you will cope with such a task.

which glue for shoes is better

The work should be carried out in several stages:

- Surfaces that will be glued together should be pre-washed, dried, cleaned and degreased with acetone or gasoline.

- The glue should be applied to both surfaces, before gluing it is necessary to wait a little, how many - will be specified in the instruction.

- If one of the surfaces (or both) is sufficiently porous and absorbed a large amount of glue, it will be necessary to reapply one more layer and again wait a little.

- It is important to squeeze the surface as much as possible. Using a good adhesive for shoes, it is important to squeeze as much as possible, but the duration of compression does not play such a significant role.

- After gluing it is necessary to wait from several hours to 24 hours, as long as you have to wait in each individual case, it must be indicated in the instruction.

Interesting nuances

For some glues, thermal activation is necessary. What does it mean? Adhesive film that is obtained between the surfaces to be bonded, only then can they reliably hold each other when, in addition to the pressure, a sufficiently high temperature also acts on the surface during the gluing stage. This should also be said on the package with glue, and this factor should not be overlooked or ignored. It is important to understand that inadequate heating, as well as excessive, will negatively affect the result of your labors.

adhesive for shoes eva

The rule, knowledge of which will help to choose the right glue

Answer to the question about what kind of glue for shoesbetter, probably, just not, because for different types of footwear from different materials will have its "best" glue. On the shelves of modern stores, you can see a wide variety of tubes and jars, on which the inscription "for shoes" flaunts. By the way, on the vast majority there is another inscription - "universal". But, as experts shoemakers say, universal glue is a completely incorrect concept, as each of them has its own specific characteristics that should be taken into account before using it.

A very striking example is the universal adhesive"Moment" - it is most often bought in order to glue a thing that has broken, broken or torn. But the fact is that when frozen, such glue becomes like glass, which means that if it is used for shoes, the result will be deplorable, as it leads to the rapid appearance of cracks in the place of gluing, because during socks it is simple breaks. So you will not use it for shoe repair.

super glue moment

Rubber glues for shoes

If you need to carry out minor repairs and,for example, to stick an insole, then the question of what kind of glue for shoes is better, the answer is simple - the rubber should be given preference. He does not have a very high gluing ability, and he can not cope with more complex tasks, but for secondary or auxiliary gluing he is ideal and not so harmful to humans.

Is polyurethane glue so good?

The absolute opposite of rubber glue -glue polyurethane. For shoes that are made from greased leathers or have parts with a polyurethane, polychloride coating, it will be simply irreplaceable. Such glue provides a high degree of fastening and a high level of strength of the result obtained.

To repair your shoes with this glueno special knowledge is required, it is enough to carefully follow the instructions and perform strictly step by step this work, so that the result will satisfy you.

glue universal

"Eva" is a special compound that can also heal your shoes

Professional shoemakers have a bigThe glue for footwear "Eva" is very popular. It is used even for the repair of children's shoes, since it is very elastic, hypoallergenic, capable of repelling moisture and after completely drying it becomes absolutely transparent. By the way, it is the glue for footwear "Eva" that should be used in case if it is necessary to work with PVC products. Again, following simple recommendations and instructions, you will be able to achieve an excellent result even without the help of a professional.

Clay "Moment"

As we have already said, the universal glue "Moment"certainly not suitable for repair and restoration of shoes. In addition, if you bring shoes to the workshop, which they tried to "save" with such glue, then you will have to pay several times more for the services of the master, because the process of restoring surfaces after such "experiments" is rather complicated. By the way, even masters do not always undertake such a job, because if you tried several times to glue the surface of shoes and the sole using the universal super glue "Moment", then after such repair repairs, shoes can not be repaired.

But the "Moment" for shoes has a completely different composition, which means that the impact on the glued surfaces will be completely different.

good glue for shoes

Super-glue "Moment" for shoes has established itselfgood enough. More often it is used by ordinary people who decided to repair their shoes on their own, as masters prefer more professional materials for work. He perfectly glues the cracked sole, fixes the loosened heel. The seam that forms is resistant to temperature changes and moisture. But still use it better only for gluing hard, hard surfaces, but the cracked skin leave more gentle and soft glues.

How to properly glue the sole?

There is a difference between gluing the soles and gluing the cracked soles. To perform such tasks, different adhesives should be used to ensure that the result is as satisfying as possible.

If you need to glue the sole to the leather top ortop of artificial leather - give preference to polyurethane options. After such repair, the footwear will remain flexible, and in places of gluing the more gentle surface of the top of the shoe will not crack.

Polyurethane adhesive for footwear

If, for example, your heel falls off isalready gluing the soles, which means that the same "Moment", even universal, will do for this task. It is he who can tightly fix two hard surfaces between each other, and you will be sure that during heel the heel will not stagger.

What does the result depend on?

If all the rules of shoe repair are observedhands and conditions prescribed in the manual, the result can also be influenced by external factors, up to the humidity of the air at which gluing was carried out. It is best to perform this task in a cool, dry, well ventilated room - and the result will be good, and you will not breathe harmful vapors.

Qualitative natural footwear will be easier to glue on your own than capricious imitation leather, so if you are too expensive a pair of shoes for leatherette, take it to the workshop.

So, as we could understand, the only thingthe correct answer to the question "which glue for shoes is better than the rest" does not exist. If you doubt the correctness of the choice of glue - or entrust this work to a professional, or take the time to ask for advice from him in such a difficult choice.

glue moment for shoes

The main thing - do not rush right away in "healed" shoes to run somewhere, give them the opportunity to stand, so that the glue dries to the end, so that all your works are not empty.

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