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Choose toys for parrots

Parrots - birds are pretty smart,active and playful. Usually they are given to people who can not afford other animals because of their employment. Bird is enough to pour a certain amount of food once a day and pour water into the drinking bowl, and your pet will not remain hungry even during your absence.

Toys for parrots

But apart from the spacious cage, cozy cottage andbalanced nutrition will also require toys for parrots. Especially they are needed in the event that the pet is kept alone, without a pair. To some extent, your conversations will replace him with communication with relatives, however, the organization of leisure will not be superfluous.

What are the usual toys for parrots?

It can be swings, bells, rings,mirrors, etc. Parrots are able to distinguish colors, so any bright thing will be feathered to taste. Almost all such pets, like small children, try any objects "on their own teeth", more precisely - on the beak. Therefore, the main thing when choosing - pay attention to the quality of the material and paint.

for parrots

If you choose a swing, look how muchthe material is durable and the paint does not lag behind the tree. Even small particles of it can be toxic. It is important and reliable attachment - when a bird falls, it can not only be frightened, but also injured.

Very popular are such toys for parrots,of which the mirror is a part. Sometimes stalls and swings with him are sold in pet stores. There are also simply separate mirrors in the plastic frame. Since parrots not only discern colors, but also are able to see their reflection, this very thing will perfectly brighten up the loneliness of the bird during your absence. It should be noted that such things are suitable only for single content. If you plan to do further breeding of birds, then mirror either do not put at all, or remove it when you populate a pair - it often happens that a pet, accustomed to communicate with his reflection, does not pay attention to the appeared female (male).

Toys for wavy parrots
Toys for wavy parrots can be made andyourself. The main thing, as already mentioned, pay attention to the toxicity of the material (or rather, the absence of toxic substances in the composition) and its strength. As a home-made tool, you can take buttons, threads (only strong), tubules for drinking, etc.

Very nice, for example, it will look"Volanchik" of thread. To make it, you will need scissors, about three or four meters of yarn (the one that women take for knitting), a matchbox (or any other about the same size), beads, buttons and bell. The thread is wound on a matchbox (along the length), the resulting hank is intercepted from the top by another thread and cut at the bottom. It turns out a real pompom for children's hats. The upper part is once again wrapped in a thread (fixed), the remainder of which is lifted up (at this end we then hang the toy).

The lower part of the pompon is decorated with colorful buttonsor beads. To do this, thread the objects on the free end of the thread, and then make a knot that fixes the decoration. In the central part of the pompon we attach (tie) the bell. The toy is ready. It remains to firmly fix it.

When decorating the cage, try to place toys for the parrots so that the bird can move freely between them.

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