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Dentinox preparation: instructions for use

Dentinox is a local anesthetic of plant origin.

Pharmacological properties of the drug "Dentinox"
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The instruction indicates that with the help of the preparationeliminate the pain that occurs in children with teething teeth. For the same purpose, local anesthetics (lidocaine and polydocaine) with a plant anti-inflammatory infusion of chamomile are taken. These substances are active components of Dentinox. The instruction emphasizes that lidocaine hydrochloride and polidocanol are anesthetics for topical application, which give a long therapeutic effect and last for a long time keep on the oral mucosa. Dentinox is produced in the form of a gel, one gram of which contains 3.4 g of lidocaine and 3.2 g of polydocanol, and 150 milligrams of chamomile infusions. As part of the drug, these substances are better distributed over the oral mucosa and are retained much longer than with separate use. The auxiliary components include levomenthol, sodium saccharinate, purified water, polysorbate, sodium hydroxide, carbomer, sodium edetate, sorbitol, xylitol, propylene glycol. In addition to the dental gel, a medicament solution is also produced, also applied externally.

Indications for taking Dentinox

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The instruction explains that the medicine is prescribed forlocal anesthesia during teething. The gel effectively prevents irritation and inflammation, it is also used for painful sensations in the gums.

Contraindications to the use of Dentinox

The instruction says that the medicine can not be used only with hypersensitivity to the components. It is not recommended to use the remedy for people with congenital intolerance to fructose.

Dentinox preparation: instruction, price
dentinox with teething

Medication should be taken with signsbeginning teething. To do this, a small amount of gel (the size of a pea) is required to be applied to the gum area where the tooth appears. After this, the agent should be easily rubbed. The procedure is recommended to be done two or three times a day. Installation is best done before going to bed or after eating the baby. If necessary, you can use the drug "Dentinox" with teething and more often, but before consulting with a doctor. A positive property of the drug is that it does not cause caries. The cost of the gel may vary slightly in the regions and an average of 165 rubles.

Side effects of Dentinox

The instruction warns that in rare cases the agent can cause mild allergic reactions. In general, the drug is considered safe for health.

Special conditions

During the procedure, it is necessary to avoidgetting the gel in the eye. It is impossible for the medicine to penetrate open wounds. After using the gel, you should wash your hands well. The agent can cause a brief numbness of the tongue, which is not dangerous.

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