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Do you prepare blanks for the winter? Read about how much to sterilize the cans for a couple

Who does not love summer? The person who answers this question in the affirmative is hard to find. It is this time that is the time when a large number of berries, fruit and vegetables are ripening. And then the mistresses ask such a question: "How can I sterilize the cans in pairs, so that cooked compotes and jams will then stand all winter?" Let's try to understand.

how much can a pair of cans be sterilized
Before you start the process itselfsterilize the dishes and start preserving the berries, once again check the availability of everything necessary for this, namely: the lid, the key for the canning of cans, a huge pot, the cans themselves. It will not be superfluous to have special forceps in order to protect yourself when working with a hot jar. The above set is minimal and can be expanded depending on the wishes of the hostess.

Before you start the sunset, you need toto figure out how much to sterilize the cans for a couple? The process of sterilization itself is nothing more than the processing of objects with steam to disinfect them from ubiquitous microbes. The presence of the latter in banks with berries or vegetables quickly leads to fermentation, which results in the formation of gas. Excessive amount of gas can depressurize the jar.

how to sterilize a can of cans
To reduce the number of microbes before sterilizationcans, you need to wash them thoroughly. After that, be sure to inspect the available capacity for defects. Pay special attention to the neck, on which, after years of use, chips may have appeared. If you, after examining the jar, did not notice an existing defect on it, then it will burst at work.

All covers that you will use inThe process of rolling, must also be carefully inspected, since it is the lid that is an insurmountable barrier for microorganisms. All of them must have the correct form, without concavities and with an undamaged coating, if any. In the case of using threadless lids (how many to sterilize the cans for a pair for them, consider below), be sure to check the presence and integrity of the rubber bands. If during the inspection of defects was not found, you can safely proceed to the sunset.

Many mistresses, having already begun the process of conservation,ask themselves the question: "How many pairs can I sterilize?" We will try to answer. In those cases where steam can be treated with steam, the presence of a large water tank is an obligatory factor. Most often in the role of a sterilizer is a saucepan with boiling water. This method is quite reliable, as it has already been tested by more than one generation of housewives.

how long should banks be sterilized
In a container intended for steaming,pour 3/4 of clean water. On top of her wear a special device, called in the people sterilizer. Once the water boils, you can start the process of processing cans. And then the question of how long it takes to sterilize the banks is already relevant. On average, this time is 15, maximum 20 minutes, after which the can is removed, allowed to cool slightly and filled with cooked juice, jam, etc.

Thus, this process does not take much time. And after reading this article, you learned how to sterilize the cans for a couple and how to do it right.

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