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The nature of Siamese cats

The nature of Siamese cats has always been differentindividuality, refinement and uniqueness. It is this breed that has specific ways of expressing one's attachment and sociability. The nature of Siamese cats is very similar to that of dogs. They need to communicate with people from the smallest age. In this case, often as a host, one of the members of the family is chosen, tied only to him.

character of Siamese cats

Blue-eyed wonder

A lot of books were written about Siamese cats. But the best is the first book, published in 1943 under the name "Charles". She described the life of Siamese cat Charlie, who lived almost 13 years. Its author, Michael Joseph, described very vividly and in detail the character of Siamese cats. The book was very fond of readers and was reprinted 10 times.

Siamese cats, whose breeds always attracted people, were perceived by magical beings. It was believed that this animal always remains in the heart of its owners.


You can admire the grace of the Siamesecats, but do not forget about their complex nature. That is why they are not considered to be the kindest and affectionate animals. At the same time, all owners note that Siamese cats, whose breeds are of a heavy temper, have high intelligence. To date, representatives of pale yellow mustache stripes are considered very popular. They bribe their owners with a magical deep gaze of blue eyes.

Siamese breed cats

Siamese cats first appeared in the capital of SiamAyuda. In ancient times they were called "royal cats of Siam". Experts argue that this enchanting family of felines has not been crossed with European ones. That is why they are considered the purest representatives of the eastern breed.


It is believed that the eastern origin andcaused the complex nature of Siamese cats. They are distinguished by an independent and obstinate temper. In this case, some representatives of the breed may even be observed attacks of jealousy, in which a cat can attack a person, jealous of his master. Also, do not raise the tone for the owner of the cat. The beast can regard this as a threat to his life and attack the offender. Because of their similar behavior, and also because of their great affection for the owner, Siamese cats are often compared to dogs. In this case, the Siamese themselves are quite tolerant of other animals.

Siamese cat care

As a rule, Siamese cats are not the first to showaggression. But when attacked, they are able to fight ruthlessly. Among domestic residents, they prefer to occupy a leading position. The temper of Siamese cats does not tolerate harsh treatment. That's why you should scold them very gently. By the way, this breed is considered one of the most "talkative". Blue-eyed fuzzy love to "sing serenades" and miaow about and without.

A sign of the breed is considered to be fawn color around the muzzle, at the tips of the paws and tail. And also strabismus is a real sign of pedigree Siamese.

Siamese cats, care for which canrequire close attention, are very touchy and demanding. But their rancor can always be neutralized by careful attitude to the pet. It is worth remembering that Siamese cats will appreciate this as a sign of the owner's love. But the blue-eyed pet is very offended, then he would prefer not to take revenge at once, but harbor insult.

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