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Description of Labrador Retriever breed: features and character

breed breed labrador retriever

Description of breed Labrador Retriever we will begin withThe fact that briefly tell about where it came from. Although there is no concrete theory of how the first representative was born, no. But there is a suggestion that the breed was taken out as a working dog.

Its history begins in the nineteenth century onan island called Newfoundland. During this period, he lived dogs of the breed "little Newfoundland" - they helped local fishermen. Several of these dogs Englishman Peter Hawker brought to the UK. After crossing them with a retriever (curly-witted) or with an English foxhound and setter, a labrador retriever known to all appeared.

Breed description: appearance features

These are quite massive dogs, with a short, tightadjacent to the body of fur. They have a dense undercoat that repels water. Life expectancy averages 13 years. There are different colors, but they are all monochrome (black, brown, fawn). Labrador retrievers have a wide muzzle, without fleshy cheeks. Eyes brown or nut color, medium size. The look of such a dog expresses the mind. Ears are not large, hanging.

 Labrador Retriever Breed Description

We continue the description of the Labrador Retriever breed. Let us highlight the fact that such dogs are born hunters. Labrador Retriever clearly performs the commands. Probably no one better than the dog of this breed can remember the place where the prey fell. Such memory can be called exceptional.

Labrador Retriever is a dog with a good character

Continuing the description of the Labrador Retriever breed,it is important to note that such a dog is reliable and patient. Her temper is balanced, she never shows aggression. It is easy to learn, but needs a soft training and skilful guidance. Such a dog always needs something to occupy. For example, to teach to bring a newspaper. Any similar occupation will be useful both for her body, and for her mind. By the way, such dogs are very sensitive to punishment, therefore, to show their displeasure, it will be enough to have a strict intonation.

Description of the labrador retriever breed is not over yet. I would like to say that such dogs are great for those who first decided to get a barking friend. Such a pet can be kept in an apartment, but it needs a lot of exercise, as well as frequent walks. A house with an infield is an excellent option for keeping this dog.

Labrador Retriever Description

Features of behavior and communication

Describing a Labrador Retriever,say that these dogs just adore little children and are very happy to play with them. Note that the representatives of this breed are also very good for animals, so they can be called the soul of the company. They adore being in the spotlight. Noisy companies for them - this is a paradise. For this reason, such dogs hate loneliness. They painfully endure separation, they miss (sometimes they even howl - they express sadness in this way). With a long separation from their owners, the dog may become depressed. It is important for everyone to like this dog. If he is not the universal favorite, then he will not be happy to become 100% full. From Labrador Retrievers, excellent guides and rescuers are obtained.

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