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A dog with folds. Photo and description of the breed

In the world there are many breeds of dogs. They are all different. Each has its own interesting features. Today we will tell about a dog with folds. With such features there are several breeds. Let's start with the most common.

A dog with folds: a breed of shar pei. Description of the appearance

The reason for the appearance of folds is a different sequence of genes and a mutation. Scientists came to this conclusion.

a dog with folds

First this breed of dogs with folds on the muzzlewas bred for hunting such a beast as a boar. All the folds that the dog had were distracting. For them it was difficult to grasp. Therefore sharpei could easily dodge the nagging animal.

In size, this dog with folds of the skin is small. Weight - about 23 kilograms. Huge appearance gives the skin. The wool of such dogs is short and stiff.

dog with folds

Representatives of this breed, like the Chow Chow, have a blue tongue. At the same time they have fighting qualities. Color can be different.

Character Shar Pei

This dog with folds is an excellent guard and watchman. She can become a loyal friend for the family. She is calm in nature. To unfamiliar dogs can exhibit aggression.

breed of dogs with folds on the muzzle

Training should start from the very beginningearly age (somewhere from three to four months). This breed has martial inclinations, so it is very desirable that the master with the dog pass the school of obedience.

English mastiff

It is an old breed that appeared in Central Asia. Such a dog with folds was considered at that time an excellent hunter and warrior. She could enter into a deadly battle with bears or tigers.

The representative's weight is more than seventy kilograms. A massive body and hanging folds on the muzzle are the distinctive features of the breed. Such a dog has a quick reaction.

dog with skin folds

A well-educated dog behaves with dignityowner. In relation to others, peace-loving. But still such a dog has excellent fighting qualities. This should not be forgotten. Therefore, from such a dog, you can get an excellent defender of the family. Barks the dog rarely.


This is a Belgian breed. Its representatives are large. The weight of one dog is fifty kilograms. The height at the withers is about 65 cm.

If we talk about the nature of such dogs, then they are quite capricious.

It is best to have a puppy. He will become a member of your family. Such a dog will play with joy both with children and adults. This dog with folds understands everything without words. Educate her only need caresses. Aggression and anger in the process of training can not be used.

English bulldog

This breed, as the name suggests,is registered in England. Its representatives are fine guards. Although they are small in size. The weight of an English bulldog is not more than 25 kilograms. The growth at the withers does not exceed 38 cm.

dog with pleats photo

The shape of the body of such a dog is short, stocky. This dog with folds on the muzzle in need of serious training. But it is necessary to train without the use of aggression and force. Since the dog does not tolerate a disrespectful attitude towards himself.

If there are children in the family, then it is worthwhile telling them that this dog should be treated with care. Play with the dog should be neat. We need to monitor the joint fun of the child and the pet.

Such a dog, by virtue of its qualities, can not live in every family where there are children or other animals. This dog is difficult to share a room with someone else.


This is a German breed. It occurs from Chinese dogs with bulging eyes. Representatives of the Pug breed can live up to fifteen years. The weight of an adult dog is not more than seven kilograms. Growth at the withers is no more than thirty centimeters.

This breed has a feature. This is a drawing on the face, created by wrinkles.

The wool of such dogs is smooth, shiny, and the tail is ring-shaped. The pug gait is very funny. They walk slightly in the process of walking.

On a nice face such a dog can appeardifferent emotions. Observe such changes is especially possible when a dog with folds begging for a piece of delicious. It should be noted that it is impossible to give everything in a row and in large quantities. Since Pugs often have allergies of various kinds. In addition, they are prone to fatness and obesity.

Taking care of such a dog, it is necessary to pay special attention to the state of the eyes. Since these dogs have genetic problems with the organs of vision.

Therefore, with such a pet it is worthwhile to visit veterinary clinics periodically. If any problems are found with the eyes or other organs, all physician's prescriptions should be followed.

as the breed of dogs with folds on the muzzle is called

As already mentioned above, Pugs have a tendencyto fullness, as well as weakening of the muscles of the motor apparatus. Therefore, these cute fidgets need slow leisurely walks. Because of the special structure of the trunk and head to such dogs, large loads are contraindicated.

Care for dogs with wrinkles on the face

I would like to note that such dogs sweat inhot season and strong physical exertion. Microorganisms develop on the secretions. As a result, a fungal disease of the skin can occur. Therefore, such representatives of the above breeds, especially shar pei, require systematic care of the skin. After all, as they say, the disease is easier to prevent than treat it.


Now you know what a dog with folds is, photo of it you see in the article. We named several breeds with this feature. We hope that the information in this article was interesting to you.

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