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Quality accessories for the door - security of the home

Everyone agrees with the statement that only at homea person can feel safe. Entering the apartment or cottage, you can finally relax and feel relaxed and cozy. And the walls and doors give a sense of security to our home. Longevity and reliability of the latter, in turn, depends to a large extent on the components. These include fittings for the door. At the moment, there is a huge number of companies in the market that offer these accessories to the population.

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What is fittings

Fittings for the door - a set of elements,including locks, chains, latches, door closers, handles, latches, hinges and others. The choice of any of the details must be taken seriously: even a minor malfunction of the chosen accessory threatens to turn into a malfunction in the operation of the door mechanism. Or, even worse, to getting it out of order.

The fittings for the door also carry an aestheticcomponent. With its help, even an extraordinary box can acquire a rich and luxurious appearance. Do not forget that this takes into account the numerous parameters. So, the chosen accessories should be combined with an interior and design of a premise. It is necessary to take into account the material and dimensions of the door itself, so that the accessories do not look ridiculous. If the parts are selected for interior partitions, you should calculate and estimate the degree of expected load and the features of the wall opening.

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Assignment of critical components

The main and most important role that playsaccessories for doors is the regulation of the process of unobstructed opening and closing of doors. Loop wear warns the door closer. This is a special device, working on a mechanical or hydraulic principle, which promotes a "soft" covering of the door. In order to avoid strikes wooden canvas on the wall, it is customary to install stoppers. A damper will allow the door to close slowly.

In order to attach the wooden blade to theopening, loops are used. In this case, this fittings for the door can be of several types. Those that equip the "portal" with the ability to open both inside and out are bar loops. They are also called the "metro". Hidden loops can not be detected if the door is closed. There are also screwed and overhead views of this accessory.

fittings for balcony doors

Do not forget about the pens. There are no limits to the imagination of manufacturers. However, regardless of style and material, they can only be of several kinds. So, for doors without a latch the handle-скоба can be used. The interior "gates" are equipped, if desired, with one of the following three types: a falcon, a rotary button and a blind button. In this case, the first and second handles can also be used for the entrance doors. Glossy, chrome, steel, brass or gold, different styles and shapes - the buyer will find delicious options for your taste and wallet.

Doors-coupes and balcony apertures

However, not only interior and entrance doorsrequire additional details. This also applies to cabinets and balconies. Fittings for the door-coupe is a different kind of rollers and guides. They allow the canvas to be in a vertical position and at the same time to move freely along the "rails". The durability of the cabinets depends on the quality of the selected parts.

Fittings for balcony doors and windows are selected,based on the design of the openings. We take into account the load, the temperature drop, the materials used, etc. Such fittings include: trunnions, handles, ventilators, latches, blockers and others.

In any case, no matter what the door and for whatever it is intended, the quality of the component parts depends on its durability and appearance.

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