/ / Easy and exciting knitting. Women's hats, made by themselves, are an exclusive and stylish thing, like no other.

Easy and exciting knitting with knitting needles. Women's hats, made by themselves, are an exclusive and stylish thing, like no other.

One of the most enjoyable in many waysclasses - this knitting knitting. Women's hats in this way are very easy to create. And in order to understand the simplicity of this process, it is worthwhile, as much as possible in it, to understand and master the basic steps. First, you need to determine the shape, appearance and, of course, the color of this product. Everything should be perfectly matched and coordinated with personal tastes and wishes. In any case, you need to know that one of the easiest and most convenient ways to knit this product is knitting the hats on the circular knitting needles.

Next is a set of required number of loops. It is necessary to determine the desired number of loops, based on the ratio of the density of yarn and the thickness of the used spokes. You should know how to start knitting with knitting needles. Women's hats begin to knit from the gum (edges) and end at the base (the crown of the head). There are several different ways of knitting the edge, but no matter which one is chosen, in any case its width usually does not exceed seven and a half centimeters. Then, the main cloth of the cap must be unscrewed to the height necessary for the model chosen. After that, a decrease in a certain number of loops in each row begins. It must be symmetrical and identical. This reduction is done quite quickly, that is, in each row, at certain intervals, two loops must be tied one. The remaining loops are not knotted on spokes, but closed in the following way: the main thread is cut and with the help of a hook stretches through them. It is displayed on the underside of the product and there is well fixed. Knitting hats on circular knitting needles can be considered almost finished.

There are many advantages in this process,which is called knitting. Women's hats are absolutely seamless and tie in almost the same breath, as they do not require any additional work with the joining of several parts. The product can be tried on right during the work and make all the necessary adjustments, which is naturally impossible when knitting the hats with the seam. And the very presence of the seam brings some inconvenience to the finished product. It must always be hidden back, since even a beautifully made seam does not have a sufficiently aesthetic appearance.

Knitting with knitting needles is the same waydouble caps. The difference between this process is that here the lining is attached to the product, to impart heat and volume. That is, after the main, upper layer of the cap is executed, the number of loops corresponding to the type of knitting at the beginning of the knitting should be typed along the edge of the rubber band and continue working with the inside of this product, with a lining. Performing knitting with double-cap knitting needles, the best option is to choose for a second layer a thinner thread.

Having understood this process, it becomes clear,that knitting with knitting needles is one of the best ways of pleasant pastime. Women's caps are obtained by a full exclusive, made in a single copy and, most importantly, based only on personal tastes and preferences. After the completion of the basic process of knitting, the product can be decorated with a pompon, brush or knob. You can decorate the bead with beads or flowers. Here, fantasy is not limited to anything.

Many skilled workers, having executed a basis of a cap,complement it not only with decorative details, but also practical elements, such as, for example, warm long ties made in the form of a scarf. This allows you to make the product not only original, but also makes it warmer and more comfortable. Having created a knitted woman's cap with her own hands, and realizing that it is really simple and easy, knitting with knitting needles will become one of her favorite pursuits and will subsequently open a world of gorgeous knitwear for the beginner. Any, even the most intricate creation, will easily be realized and become an object of admiration for others.

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