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We knit mittens with eyes and ears for children!

How do you want a little native manhad comfortable clothes that he was in it warm and cozy! And it is also desirable that the children's clothes were beautiful and cheerful, combined the developmental or semantic load.

That's why many mummies and grandmothersprefer to make clothes for their crumbs with their own hands, decorating it with original appliqués, tying up prints with cartoon stories or alphabet. We make wonderful dresses and suits for children, we knit children with knitting needles original warm blouses and hats, we sew lacy mitts and knee-highs, collars and frill. And it should be noted that many craftsmen cope with it so artistically, their work is of such a high level that they are often much better than factory ones.

we knit children
But, perhaps, the first thing we do is onlyhaving learned the basics of knitting, we knit mitten with knitting needles for children. But even such usual children's little things can be made original, decorating them with the help of buttons and additional details. It's amazing, but with a little imagination, it's so easy to turn ordinary gloves into lovely little animals, for example, into mice!

If we knit the children mittens on five spokes, thenafter tying the right number of loops evenly distribute them on four spokes, leaving the fifth for work. This process of knitting is called circular, one row includes tying the loops from all four spokes.

Begins knitting from the cuff. It should be connected with an elastic band, about 5 or 6 cm in height. Then, the knitting of the main part of the glove goes on, which is performed most often by facial loops. Later, after acquiring a sufficient level of skill, the knitter will be able to use in the manufacture of the product and other more complex and beautiful drawings.

Having pierced from the cuff 2 - 3 cm (this distancedepends on the given size of the thing), you should take 5 - 6 loops on the safety pin to further loosen the thumb. In the next round row at the place of the removed loops you need to collect as many air and continue tying. Thus, at the location of the future finger of the gloves, an aperture is formed so far.

knit mitten knitting needles for children
When the knitting process reaches the tip of the little finger,mitten must begin to "close", reducing gradually the number of loops in the row. It is best to do this at the beginning of the first and third spokes, and also at the end of the second and fourth.

If decreasing (tying two loops togetherone) do not at the very beginning or the end of the knitting needle, but with an indentation in one loop, then you can get a nice neat ruff on the edges of the top of the mittens. The remaining 2 loops on each spoke are pulled off the cut end of the working thread and tied into a knot. The free tip of the thread can be hidden inside the glove, or you can tie a fluffy pompom to it.

Yes, do not forget that we knit mittens to children. Therefore, you can "turn" the product into funny kittens by sewing up the tied up ears to the top of the glove, and on the back side of the mitten, having decorated with a technique of appliquing the cat's muzzle.

We knit for children under one year old
If we knit mittens for children under one year, thendo not need a hole for the thumb on the mitten. But you should take care that the mittens do not fly off the baby's palm. To do this, some craftswomen sew to the cuff of a lace or pass an elastic band.

If we knit mittens to older children, thenwithout tying a finger can not do without. To do this, we transfer the loops left on the pin to the spoke, from above on the air hinges of the hole we get another 8 loops attached to the last removed loop, we evenly distribute them on three spokes, and the fourth one is used as the working one.

We knit a thumb in the same way, in a circle. Having reached the base of the nail of the thumb, we start decreasing, tying two loops together on each spoke. The very end of the work is similar to how it was done, finishing the basic detail of the mitten.

As you can see, it's easy to tie your sweet little gloves to your kid, it would be patience and desire!

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