/ / Means Espumizan for newborns: instructions for use and description of the drug

Means Espumizan for newborns: instructions for use and description of the preparation

Colic in babies do not let them live peacefully, northeir parents. But today with such a problem you can cope quite successfully. For example, the drug Espumizan (for newborns) can help. Instructions for use and description of the drug are presented below.

Espumizan for infants

Effect of the drug

What is the effect of the remedy based on? How does the drug Espumizan (for newborns) work? The instructions for use contain information that simethicone is the main active substance of the product. This is a carminative component. Getting into the intestine, it eliminates the main cause of colic, namely the increased amount of gases. This substance simply neutralizes the vesicles, as a result of which they are either absorbed by the walls of the intestine, or come out naturally (through the anus).

When there is an effect of taking the drugEspumizan for newborns? The instructions for use do not contain accurate information about this, but some babies stop colic after 15-20 minutes. It is noteworthy that when the action of the drug ends, the active substance (simethicone) is excreted from the body in an unchanged form. This means that it is not absorbed and does not affect the body in any way.

use of Espuizan for newborns

Indications and contraindications

When is it necessary to useEspromizana for newborns? In case of colic in the baby. If they disturb the baby often, and the seizures last for a long time (more than 20 minutes), then at the first signs of increasing gas formation, the medicine should be given to the baby.

As for contraindications, they are few, but they are. So, the medicine should not be given to the child with intestinal obstruction, as well as with individual intolerance of the components.

how much to give Espumizan to a newborn


How much to give Espumizan to a newborn? It all depends on the frequency and intensity of the seizures. It is not superfluous to consult a doctor. The drug is available in a convenient form of emulsion. A single dose is 10-25 drops (the exact amount depends on the age and weight of the crumbs). Producers of the drug claim that it is completely safe, but doctors do not advise giving the drug to the baby more than 5 times a day.

The vial of the medicine should be shaken, and thenthe contents in the required amount to drip into a spoon. It is recommended to dilute the drug with water or breast milk. When to apply Espumizan for newborns? Instructions for use say that it is better to do this before going to bed or before or during meals (although it is possible after it).

As for the duration of the course of treatment, it depends on how long the colic lasts. Most often they begin at 3-4 weeks of life of the crumbs and go to 3 months.


What do parents think about the product? You can meet both positive and negative feedback. Some say that after taking the symptoms go away. But others stated that there was absolutely no effect. As doctors say, everything is individual and depends on the characteristics of the child.

One can only add that the reception of any drug is better to start after consultation of the pediatrician, since only an experienced doctor can find out what is most effective and safe.

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