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Congratulations to twins on their birthday - duplicated happiness

Children are a huge happiness in the life of anyman! But sometimes it happens that some are doubly lucky! Nature gives them a pair of kids - twins! This is a real miracle on earth. Watch how the babies evolve so similar to each other. In this family there is no quiet and boring! The guys are always fun, because the best company in their life is always close. Congratulations twins on his birthday - it's not an easy thing! You need to give each of them the same amount of attention, the same should be presenters!


Going for gifts for twins, it's betterto ask parents whether the gifts should be the same. After all, children can be upset if a brother or sister has a better toy. But the wish can be pronounced one for two. Congratulations on the birthday of twins should be doubly spiritual!

congratulations for twins on his birthday

Parents in the house have a big bag of happiness,

Presented a fortune to them a double gift.

Two faces lovely, two sonorous laughter.

It's happiness, not interference!

Happy birthday you kids,

You are quick, there is never a quiet in the house.

Do not be bored together because you never,

My brother gave you nature!

Stay close always, do not know adversity.

Flies rapidly year after year.

Grow up when, do not throw each other,

Let the hand of the best friend be next.

It's easy for you to go through life,

After all, the best company is nowhere to be found.

Be healthy, happy, together.

Find yourself a good bride.

Care, warmth you give each other,

In the hot heat and cold blizzard.

In life, walk worthy and proudly,

So that your parents are comfortable.

With a holiday you, dear children,

You are the best in the world!

Such congratulations on the birthday of twins-boys are moved by parents and guests. Speak these phrases with expression and emotion.


Watching twins for girls is easy.affection. Beautiful dresses, bows, small shoes are real fairy princesses. How do you want to cuddle and pat them for the pink cheeks. This lady must be given a bouquet of flowers. After all, such beauties should know about their beauty and originality from their childhood. Think carefully of the congratulations of twins on their birthday. Flowers for little princesses choose the original: in a basket, in a huge box, bouquets of soft toys or sweets. Such unusual gifts will taste the women of fashion. They will decorate their room and cheer them up. Congratulations on the birthday twins-girls should be filled with tenderness and fervor.

congratulations on the birthday of twins

Beautiful, happy,

Cheerful and different,

The coquette is big-eyed.

Smiling sisters today, we will have fun together.

The mood is excellent,

The event is decent.

A happy sign in your destiny,

After all, the princesses are two!

It is much more interesting,

Celebrate this holiday together.

We congratulate you all in chorus,

Let's shout now with fervor:

Good luck, happiness, adventure,

Sisters favorite, Happy Birthday!

Walk along the life side by side,

Hold each other's eyes.

You are a gentle creature,

You are full of charm,

Love and compassion,

Excellent upbringing,

And a miracle is a robe.

Always beautiful and nice,

Feelings of dignity are full.

You are graceful and gentle,

Earth angels are you!

Always remain so,

And smile very often.

Such congratulations on the birthday of twins-girls will like. After all, compliments are loved by everyone without exception!

birthday congratulation for girls

Sweet miracle

Any festive meal ends in dessert. We will change all places and start the celebration with the delivery of a huge and beautiful cake to the birthday people! Order a cake with an unusual design for a couple of birthday men. If they are still crumbs, let their favorite cartoon characters sit on the confectionery masterpiece, only in a double copy. Such a congratulation of twins on their birthday will be remembered for a long time. Get excellent colorful photos for a family album with an unusual cake!

congratulations on the birthday of twins boys

Merry party

Many modern parents do notprint photos of their children, and store them in electronic form. But it's so interesting sometimes to look through a family album, to look at pictures with memorable dates. Give the kids albums for photos, you can make a custom edition. On the title page write down your wishes. Such a congratulation of twins on their birthday will be unusual and useful.

"Happy Birthday, our double happiness! You are so cute, beautiful, happy now! I want to wish you to be like this for the rest of your life. Be always next to each other, after all it is better than the friend in a life you will not find. Nature has made a huge invaluable gift to parents - you, dear twins! Take care of each other and be happy! "

Such congratulations on the birthday of twins can be pronounced like a toast!

Give children as much attention as possible! Because they deserve it.

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