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Entrance doors with glass - the original decision of designers

Everyone agrees that the main functionentrance doors - reliable protection of your home from uninvited guests. New models of doors with glass cause doubts among buyers - whether they are reliable, as more usual for us, steel analogues. We hasten to reassure you - modern technical achievements in the production of glass solve this problem.

entrance doors with glass

We recommend that you install the entrance doors fromglass, lined with natural wood, veneer or MDF. In addition, this model can be effectively supplemented with decorative forging. It will look solid and very modern.

Making entrance doors with glass, usetriplex. This is a modern, heavy-duty material, glass, consisting of several layers. In addition to increased strength, it has increased sound insulation, is resistant to the strongest shots, shots. This type of glass is transparent, opaque and color. Especially spectacular triplex looks with pictures, with cutouts for accessories, with the effect of broken glass and other ornaments.

Especially noteworthy entrance doors withglass, complemented by artistic forging. They look great in private country houses, but can be successfully used as entrance doors to the apartment. In this case forging is a protection and decorative decoration.

Complex and original weave twigsare successfully supplemented by strong inserts from glass. For a country house, such a door can be decorated with carving "antique". In addition, unusual side stained glass windows, copper or bronze fittings will add originality. All together creates the impression of prestige and good quality of the building.

entrance plastic doors with glass

Increasingly, the design of the front door of steeluse colored stained glass. They can be small or fill the entire area of ​​the canvas. From the stained glass you choose, you will have a first impression of your home.

Entrance doors with glass can be successfulused in enterprises and organizations that prefer to demonstrate their prestige and earn the confidence of customers. The entrance office door, made of glass, or with glass inserts will transform the interior, make it refined and perfect.

Input plastic doors with glassAre made on a skeleton from especially strong reinforced steel, and are equipped with anti-burglar fittings. These doors have a unique feature - they are suitable for any facade and any interior. Modern plastic doors have a rich color scheme, a large selection of accessories, various configurations of canvases and their sizes. The glass unit can be transparent, opaque, opaque, stained glass and patterned.

Input plastic doors with glass do not requirecomplex care, they for a long time retain their original appearance. They must be regularly cleaned from dust and dirt with professional detergents, and monitor the functionality of the fittings. You will be able to eliminate the operating defects yourself using engine oil and special greases for plastic structures.

entrance doors with glass price

Reliable and modern entrance doors with glass, the price for which varies from 35 thousand rubles to 50 thousand, will be an ornament and a reliable protection of your home.

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