/ Why does the child have a headache?

Why does the child have a headache?

Such a common ailment as a headache,children are very unhappy. However, even if such a problem arises in the child, it can not be solved by using analgesics, as allowed in the situation with adults. If the child has a headache, it should be treated differently.

headache in children

The whole point is that to recognize this ailment inkids is quite difficult. If you notice some anxiety in your child, you need to exclude other reasons, for example, colic, wet diapers or hunger. Then you need to pay attention to the attendant symptoms. So, if the child's head hurts, the crying of the kids is marked by a certain excitement. The child frowns and shakes his head. Babies in this case may experience frequent regurgitation and some disturbance of the sleep regimen.

If a similar condition appears in the child,who can describe his condition, it becomes somewhat easier to help the baby. However, not all children can correctly understand what exactly they are hurting, therefore this should also be treated with attention.

If the headache in children, it may be relatedwith migraine attacks. As a rule, such a disease can occur in children aged 3-5. This disease is considered hereditary, and the mechanism of its formation is not fully understood. Provoke an attack can a drop in atmospheric pressure, overexertion or even eating certain foods (for example, chocolate, nuts or cheese). This condition provokes a vomiting in the child, after which, as a rule, the baby becomes lighter. After a dream, the attack usually goes away.

the child has a headache in the head

This disease is not dangerous, but hardis transferred and frightens the child. In this case, if the child constantly has a headache, you need to put it in a darkened room, give a strong green tea with sugar, massage the temples and the back of the head with an ointment that warms. Sometimes this condition is accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting.

If you have this symptom, you need to show the child to the pediatrician and neurologist.

If the child has a headache, this can be caused byoverexertion of muscles and ligaments of the head, neck and even back, which causes a dull headache, tightening the neck. Among the main reasons are called microtrauma of the spine, received during childbirth, jumps or somersaults. Also, the causes of pain may be fatigue and lack of fresh air. If the child is constantly sitting at the computer, this is detrimental to his health. It is necessary to limit the children's stay at the monitors, to spend a lot of time walking through fresh air.

When a child has a headache, a nape or a temporal part, this may indicate the presence of another disease. For example, these symptoms can be concomitant with ARVI, influenza and meningitis.

the child is constantly headache
Also, a headache may appear when thethe tone of the vessels. If the baby is less than 2 years old, this may result from a change in intracranial pressure. In the risk group are also those children who suffered a birth trauma or hypoxia.

In any case, the reason for having a headache in children can only be established by a specialized examination. Therefore, parents should not do anything without consulting a specialist.

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