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Mima baby stroller: an overview, features, description, views and reviews

The problem of choosing a stroller from a hugeThe range offered in stores is not new. Each parent wants to find his ideal. The choice of some moms falls on Mima baby strollers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the two main lines of this modern Spanish brand.

A few words about the manufacturer

Company "Mima" positions itself and itsproducts as innovative, combining aesthetics, functionality and comfort. Having thoroughly studied the needs of families, the founders of the Mima wheelchairs offered and introduced several revolutionary features.

The cocoon pod system is a detachable seat in which the cradle is built. The manufacturer claims that you can transform the seat in just 15 seconds!

Carriages Mima (in particular, "Mima Kobi") createdadapt to the increasing needs of the family. Mima Kobi is suitable for one child, and for two, both for the newborn and for the three-year-old, both for twins and for the weather.

Mima strollers are first equipped with seats of ethylene vinyl acetate. This lightweight and wear-resistant material was previously used in the manufacture of sporting goods and in the automotive industry.

Each wheelchair element is capable of transformation, accordingly, each parent can adjust the wheelchair for his immediate needs.

Carriages boast, you might say, car design: smooth lines, streamlined shapes, smooth textures, modern colors.

The main difference between the wheelchairs "Ksari" and "Kobi": chassis

The main difference between the two rulers is the chassis.


Strollers Mima


mima xari stroller

At the stroller Mima Xari the frame is X-shaped, so it is designed for the comfortable transportation of one child.

Chassis Mima Kobi have a Z-shape and realize five different concepts: in a stroller fit up to two children from birth to three years.

Other features of the chassis, typical for both models:

  • The height-adjustable ergonomic handle has an anti-slip coating.
  • Strollers are compact and easy to fold.
  • The width of the wheelbase of both wheelchairs is 63 cm.
  • The handle does not swing, there are no hooks for the bag.
  • The seat can be installed both facing the mother and legs forward.
  • Both Mima strollers have the option of a two-tierplacement of the child: upper - more overview, lower - more comfortable. But the Z-shaped frame of the "Kobi" line allows using both positions simultaneously.
  • It is acceptable to install the 0+ car seat on the chassis using the optional adapters that are not included in the kit.
  • Carriages have 4 wheels each, the two front ones are swivel. There is the possibility of fixing them.

stroller mima reviews


Perhaps the main feature of the cradle -the aforementioned know-how of the strollers of this brand: the patented cocoon pod system (according to another version it is called Carrycot Inside). That is, the cradle is always with you. At a certain age of the child, parents will not wonder what to do today for a stroll. The dimensions of the cradle are as follows: the height of the rim at the feet is 21 cm, the side of the head is 19 cm, the length of the cradle is 74 cm and the width is 29 cm. Handles are not provided.

Pleasure Bloc

  • The walker block is equipped with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) seat, which creates a strong protective "shell" for the passenger. The fabric is not only very durable, but also hygienic.
  • The seat has five-point seat belts.
  • There are three positions of the slope of the walking block. The position changes not at the back, but at the entire seat entirely. This is done easily and with one hand.
  • The stroller is equipped with a bumper.
  • Removable plastic hood consists of three sections. When unfolding it rustles and is blown. There are no windows and pockets on it.
  • Inside the walking block is a cradle. When it is unfolded, the walk should be removed. A place in the stroller is not provided for him.

Baskets and accessories

The stroller Mima Xari Flair has two baskets: one - mesh, the other - in the form of a hard suitcase. "Mima Kobi" has one basket: you can put a special bag in it, but only if there is only one seat or a cradle for the baby on the stroller.

baby strollers mima

You can also note that the brand "Mima" a wide range of additional very beautiful accessories. You can buy, for example, a winter envelope, a thin blanket, an umbrella with UV protection.

Reviews: positive

  • First of all, most moms note the appearance of the stroller: the design pleases the eye of both the parent and others.
  • Despite the marquee colors, even white can easily be wiped with a wet napkin.
  • Mima strollers are easy to unfold.
  • By purchasing this product, you buy exclusive and novelty. In your side will turn around and be jealous. This point is positively noted by many buyers.
  • Many mothers (though not all) like the quality of the assembly of the stroller.

stroller mima xari flair

Reviews: negative

It should be noted that most of the feedback on thisthe brand can not be called positive. Parents claim that it does not justify its money, and its main advantage is exclusively design. The essence of their claims can not be called insignificant. Therefore, if you are thinking about purchasing a Mima stroller, the reviews, whether positive or negative, will not hurt you.

  • Many users of the stroller note that it is very squeaky. Lubrication does not help.
  • This transport is not suitable for Russian winter. It is worth considering it as a summer option: the hood does not protect, the stroller is blown. It can not be called warm. In addition, as in the cradle, and in the walking block, there is not enough room for the warm clothes of the child.
  • Carriages are not suitable for Russian off-road, but on flat asphalt is very convenient.
  • Many parents note a bad cushioning. The child in the wheelchair shakes violently.
  • Some mothers who bought a stroller "Mima Kobi" write that, having put two children in it, it is very difficult to overcome even small obstacles on it.


Reviews about the strollers of the brand "Mima" have a largerange of ratings: from enthusiastic to completely dissatisfied. Probably, this is due to the fact that the wheelchair was invented in a rather hot country and therefore not the best way for the middle zone of Russia. In addition, the requirements of parents when choosing a transport for a baby can vary considerably. And perhaps one of the two lines of Mima Kobi or Mima Xari is the stroller of your dreams. Therefore, we wish you to choose what is right for you, and not to be mistaken.

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