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Akita Inu: the nature and characteristics of the breed

Akita Inu is the oldest Japanese breed of dogs. Long-term studies have shown that in Japan these dogs lived eight thousand years ago. The name Akita Inu was given in honor of the province of Akita. By the way, it is located in the north of Japan.

Intellect Akita Inu

The nature of this dog is amazing, but that itsunderstand, you first need to understand what intelligence it has. Such dogs are very intelligent. They can control their behavior depending on the circumstances. The Akites can be cunning and make their own decisions. They can hide their emotions, and it does not matter, it's joy or sadness.

In addition to the fact that these dogs are intelligent, bold, faithfuland sociable animals, they are also wise. Such pets always support the owner in a difficult moment. It is not necessary to talk about these dogs much, as many legends go about representatives of this breed.

Akitas are distinguished by phenomenal memory. They remember not only the words and commands of a person, but also vital details up to what they ate 10 days ago for breakfast.

akita inu character
Akita build an emotionalcycles. They are guided by no means by instincts. Puppies, which were born in nurseries, and then fell into different families, thoroughly remember their brothers and sisters.

Features of Akita Inu

The nature of such dogs formed a lotmillennia. At first they were hunting, in time - guards of aristocratic palaces and bodyguards. Changing their specialization, the dog of this breed has acquired new qualities without losing the old ones. Due to the fact that the hosts always treated the dogs very well, they were able to learn the psychology of man.

Akita Inu
At puppy age they are very playful, with age become wiser and more restrained. These are the dogs of the Akita Inu breed.

Their character is built on mutually exclusiveparadoxes. They are independent and willful, but they are very much attached to the owners and the house. If you go to walk Akita Inu, then know that this is a joint walk. Since a Japanese dog and a man are equal beings. Akita Inu values ​​sincerity, but does not acknowledge indulgence.


Despite the fact that such dogs have developed intelligence, they still need training.

Educate need to be measured, without fatigue,Since this does not contribute to better training of the dog Akita Inu. Character, psychology and the system of values ​​are finally formed somewhere to two years. Therefore, you need to think carefully about learning, if you want, to grow an ideal pet. Akita Inu puppies are always active and cheerful, but playing with them should always be calm and not aggressive. The dog of this breed has a strong character, so if you accustom it to aggression, then, having grown up, it can turn into a dangerous monster.


Since dogs of this breed get used to living in different conditions, they can be kept in small apartments, but then they need daily walks and good physical activity.

You can notice the fact that dogs haveathletic build, which is a kind of continuation of their intellect and character. It is impossible to properly raise a dog if it is neglected. Akita must always be fast and fit.

How to walk with such a dog? The best option - two walks per day (for an adult animal), the duration of which should be about two hours. If there is no possibility on weekdays for so long to walk with the pet, then you can shorten one session session, and at the weekend fill the gap in full. Be sure to let go of running without a leash and collar, dogs of this breed are very fond of such an occupation.

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They like and play, but not in the same type of fun. Therefore, the master needs to be resourceful in this matter. It is necessary to change games, shells, locations and intensity of fun.


It is not difficult to take care of such a dog. You just need to comb the dog a few times a week. During molting, this procedure should be carried out daily.

Akita Inu in the apartment

If you keep such a dog in the house, thendetermine for her a spacious place that should be in a quiet and quiet corner, but from which the owner will be seen, because Akita is a born bodyguard.

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